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  1. New to Game Development but not Programming

    I'm actually not sure if you meant 'graphics' as in 'design' or programming libraries.   You have a lot of replies that name programming libraries so I won't add to that other than, just pick one and run with it...You can always pick something else if you're not happy with it.. Since it's easier to steer in a moving vehicle...   Regarding design ..  Just 'Just do it !' applies as well..   I recently got into the game (development, that is :) ) myself and I'm actually pretty happy with my results after just downloading 'Paint.NET' and playing with it. I know it's not excactly what the 'big guys' use but it's easy and allows me to really focus on experimenting with the basics of colors, shapes and proportions.. :)   I found that after a couple of months of practice things start to go really fast and find a creative side to you that you probably never new existed .. but it will take a couple of months.. at least ..