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  1. HI,   I built the m_model dll from my exe but the h file is really long winded and needs lots of tidying up so I was wondering if there is a way to auto generate an h file but it looks like there is no way to do this.   A better way of doing this would be to use ATL I suppose I shall tidy up the exiting h file.
  2.   Hello there folks,   I was wondering if anyone might know how I can auto create   a readable header .h file from the following files.   I am thinking it should be possible and should look better than the original .h file.   As, I want developers to be able to add the functionality to there code, 'for free' but They are going to need a .h file.   So, how should I attempt this ?    These are the files I want to generate the header file from :    m_model.dll m_model.exp m_model.ilk m_model.lib m_model.pdb   Many Thanks in advance,
  3. OH yes, but actually, thinking about it. I just want the vertex transparency without having to use vertex blending,   Thanks anyway.
  4. Thanks I'll try that right now !
  5. Hello,   I have always been stuck on this one which is how to use the vertex alpha component in a mesh that has,  Position, Color, Uv, & Normals.   I found something that mentioned this  :   d3d->SetTextureStageState(0, D3DTSS_ALPHAARG1, D3DTA_DIFFUSE);   but it does not seem to work.   Any ideas ?   Thanks in advance .      
  6. Oh, Silly Me.Dooooooh.
  7. I have been playing around with this one for quite a while and the problem seems to be the way I am calculating  a local axis when I select a quad on  a mesh as the transform seems to work okay if the quad is symmetric but in a scenario where the quad tapers the transform appears to be slightly out. If say, the top line segment is shorter than the bottom segment and the left and right line segments taper out from top to bottom.   What I think it might be is that because of the taper the line segments are not perpendicular and that is where the problem might be as I am calculating the axis with the line segments and crossing them with the normal of the mid point.   Any ideas ?    
  8. I have a win 32 C++ application that has been developed using Visual studio 2010. The application has several classes and compiles to an executable. What I would like to know is how I can compile the classes  as DLLs as I want to ship the application as an exe that calls dlls. When I was using Visual studio 6.0 I could do this but it was a bit tedious. Is there a better way to do this in Visual studio 2010  or how can this be accomplished in visual studio 2010.       
  9. I have a transform problem here and I have spent a while checking and double checking this before posting and it does look to be happening.   What appears to be happening is that when I transform the object in the jpg's it is flipping vertices.    The blue and the white end up flipped and this is reflected in the file saved to disk, the vertex positions are flipping.   It looks like it is flipping through a diagonal but I a really stumped with this but figure it might have something to do with 'diagonallization', which is a term I came across today.   So, does anyone have any idea how I can stop this happening ?   Here is the transform code :   Thanks in advance.     LPD3DXMESH Transform_Edit_Object( LPD3DXMESH p_mesh,                           D3DXMATRIX arb_mat  ) {     D3DXVECTOR3 Pv;     D3DXVECTOR3 v;     BYTE* v_buf = NULL;   COLORVERTEX* vtx  = NULL;   D3DXVECTOR3 *pV = new D3DXVECTOR3;   DWORD i = 0;   DWORD n_vtx = p_mesh->GetNumVertices();   p_mesh->LockVertexBuffer( 0, (void**)&v_buf );   vtx = ( COLORVERTEX* )v_buf;   for( i = 0; i < n_vtx; i++ ) {   v.x = vtx->pos.x;   v.y = vtx->pos.y;   v.z = vtx->pos.z;              D3DXVec3TransformCoord(  &Pv, &v, &arb_mat );   vtx->pos.x = -Pv.x;   vtx->pos.y = -Pv.y;   vtx->pos.z = -Pv.z;   *vtx++;   }   p_mesh->UnlockVertexBuffer( );   return p_mesh; }       [attachment=16447:FLIPPED.JPG]
  10. Thanks Chubu,   I have to say that is the best reply I have ever received on any forum and thank you so much.   I may pop back and ask another question sometime, thanks again !.  
  11. I have become kind of stuck on this problem and was wondering if you might be able to help but it is probably best if I  include an image first to illustrate what  have been doing  :     What I need to figure out is how can I calculate an arbitrary axis that is aligned to the  selected quad.   as the equation wX cross product n to give ax and ax cross product wY is not going to align my 'sub planes' with the selected quad.   So, do I have to create a D3DXPlane by passing some of the points of the quad and if so how would I then create an axis that would align to the orientation of the selected quad?   Regards,        
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