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  1. Mifelos-XXI

    Title copyright

    Alright, thank you.
  2. Mifelos-XXI

    Title copyright

    I recently began developing a game, and I choose a title. After a couple of weeks I searched the name on google, just out of curiosity, and found out that on IMDB, there is a movie, with the same title. Will this pose a problem for me with copyright?
  3. Mifelos-XXI

    Need help with a few terms

    Hi, I am currently investigating on companies that can create for me models and animations. I need a few things to know before I ask, so if anyone can explain the next few terms to me that would be great: --Tri Limit. --Texture map --Texture resolution --animations Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi. I recently set a goal to myself to make my own game engine, since there are problems with 2D Engines (In my opinion). My question is how do I make the Map Editor GUI? I want to make an intractable "tile-placement" GUI, which will on one side display the tile-set, and on a different side it will display the editor itself, which will be cut-down image of the map, one which you can place tiles by pressing on a cube on a grid. How do I make this? What should I do and if anyone can provide sample code for similar interactive GUI that would be appreciated. (By what should I do I mean, what are the steps to make this).
  5. Mifelos-XXI

    [Question] Artists

      Well, I don't have an eye for color ><" anyway we found an artist, and since this is an unpaid position I don't think you'll be interested. Thanks anyway
  6. Mifelos-XXI

    [Question] Artists

    Ok, so me and my friend are making a text-based game, which is accompanied by pixel animations, so that once the user says something, i.e. "Move to the left and walk to the front door", the animated character will do it. Now the problem is, we don't have a artist, where can I find pixel artists? And for that matter, can someone give me a tutorial on pixel art and how to do it? I am a complete beginner.
  7. Mifelos-XXI

    [Problem] The game is being 'fed' to the player

      Ok, i think your way is a bit better, since it will reduce the workload.
  8. Mifelos-XXI

    [Problem] The game is being 'fed' to the player

        Ok, I will try and apply that to my story, thank you.     I have seen game-play of heavy-rain and I think I can understand what you mean, thank you. 
  9. Midway through the creation of our text-based game script, we began to realize that the story is being fed to the player, this means that the game-play is really linear - only one direction for everything, the story-line is just like a movie, the player doesn't really do anything in the game except walk around a bit and pick-up stuff to finish the game. How can we avoid making the game like this? are there any tips to help us? I do realize that when talking about text-based game there really isn't much to do, but we just feel that the game will be dull and boring if we keep doing it like this. So again I ask, are there any ways we can avoid this? any tips or guidelines to avoid this?
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