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    Confused on Big Oh

      It can be used to describe how many times it needs to go over the data, but it is also used to describe how a change in input data will affect the algorithm's processing time.
  2. I would imagine it's MSVC2012 (probably just mine, as you weren't experiencing the problems).  No need to thank me, I should be the one thanking you for writing such an amazing piece of software and letting everyone use it free of charge.
  3. It seems that I didn't need to...  I'm so confused now, I compiled it again (without changing anything), and it compiled successfully.  It compiled correctly in both the default AngelScript project and the one that I've imported it into (I've moved files around in the import to my project).  I still tried changing the methods to the extended ones, and it seems that they are now not being recognised where the non-extended ones are being recognised now.  This is really strange.
  4. I have successfully compile the PocoProject libraries with it, but it is a new and fully updated copy of MSVC2012.  I was using the default settings that came with the AngelScript project that was specifically there for MSVC2012, so it should've already been set-up for using the multithreaded CRT library (but I will check).   Edit: I checked and it is using the multithreaded CRT.   I won't touch the Metro UI unless I absolutely have to.  I'm creating a desktop application, so I have access to what the W8 apps don't have access to.
  5.   Well, when I use the pre-processor definition AS_NO_THREADS, I don't get these errors anymore, but to my understanding, that removes the multi-threading capabilities of AngelScript.      That shouldn't be the problem though, as the methods that are 'not found' are in the headers provided in the Win32 API (according to the MSDN documentation at least).
  6. Hello, This is my first post here, though I have been lurking on this site for a while.  I have been using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express edition for the past two weeks, so I'm still very new with it.  I tried to compile AngelScript from source using the provided project for VC++ 2012 edition, and I got these 5 errors (used to be 10, with 5 of them being Intellisense errors, those are gone now though):   Description File Line Col Project Error    1    error C3861: 'InitializeCriticalSection': identifier not found    as_thread.cpp    334    1    angelscript Error    2    error C3861: 'CreateSemaphore': identifier not found     as_thread.cpp    384    1    angelscript Error    3    error C3861: 'InitializeCriticalSection': identifier not found    as_thread.cpp    386    1    angelscript Error    4    error C3861: 'WaitForSingleObject': identifier not found     as_thread.cpp    413    1    angelscript Error    5    error C3861: 'WaitForSingleObject': identifier not found     as_thread.cpp    437    1    angelscript The error is coming from the file "as_thread.cpp", but from my Google searches and my quick search of the GameDev forum, I haven't found any solutions to remove those errors in order to successfully compile AngelScript.  I was hoping someone on these forums might have an potential solutions or workarounds.  I have tried adding   #include <synchapi.h> to the code in the file "as_criticalsection.h", since it is running on Windows 8, and InitializeCriticalSection is supposed to be in that header file according to MSDN, but the errors persist.
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