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  1. This is some demos which are written by Jacos2D-X   angryjas – like angry birds but it is very simple Physic box Particle system Effects
  2. I am Duong (Zuong). I would like to introduce to you Jacos2D-X, a new game engine which I have been being developed. The game engine is totally free and open source based on Cocos2D-X and JavaScript V8 platform. Jacos2D-X has the following features: - Integrate most of Cocos2D-X libraries - Support cross platform: Windows, iOS, Android - Integrate JavaScript V8, a powerful engine from Google. You can program by JavaScript. - Support binary data processing - Allow to use CocosBuilder. It means you can drag & drop UI, Scense... - Support remote game loading - Debug JavaScript easily - Consist of many interesting examples - Distribute under MIT open source license I am looking forward to your visit to my website at for downloading and using Jacos2D-X. Your suggestions and comments are valuable to me to improve Jacos2D-X further. Thanks
  3. iOS Development on PC

    You also use cocos2d-x ( to develop your game on windows. After development, you can make build for iOS easily. PhoneGap is a good choice for you. In my old company - DeNA -. They have their own Game Engine: ngCore. you can see at Now, I'm developing my own cross platform GameEngine base on cocos2d-x. You can develop game by JavaScript language on Windows, iOS, Android. You will develop and launch your game as you connect to a webpage. I used V8 - a high speed javascript engine of Google - for my game engine: Jacos2d-x. It will be released soon as an opensource project.