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    Non US/UK game review sites list

    So here is list of polish sites: gram.pl www.gry-online.pl gry.onet.pl gry.interia.pl gry.wp.pl polygamia.pl gamezilla.pl
  2. Hey! I think that would be helpful for indies to gather list of game review sites from countries around the world. If you know any non US/UK (and not from top10 world-known sites) game review site put it in here (URL and country). Thanks!
  3. Does anybody know what is the Steam's usual cut?
  4. wookie22

    Motion capture for indie game developers?

    It's not that hard. In my game I just captured movement from camera, then I wrote simple editor to manually position main points of simple skeleton frame by frame (it took me 2-3 hours) and that was all. Later I just put that data into game and draw body-parts sprites using these data.   Here you can see the results:
  5. You mean possibility to give simple orders to miners?
  6. Hello to everyone!   My name is Lukasz Kaluski and I'd like to introduce my new project: Halved-Circles Mine (for PC & Mac).   HCM is 2D puzzle-platformer where you control group of miners in huge mine. You have to operate various mining machinery, dig and build etc.   Game is in early pre-alpha stage. Here is first gameplay footage:       And here are some screens:         If you like it, please like HCM fanpage http://www.facebook.com/HalvedCirclesMine   Enjoy!
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