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    C++ for Gaming Industry

    The process is actually  being harder than I would hope to. I'm a graduated Software Developer, but the entire course used Java to represent our studies (i.e. translating pseudo-codes from Algorithm classes to computer, to code data structures, and so forth). The down side is that, after 3 years, I was pretty good at Java only (for language experience); the up-side is that we had good teachings for the theories of programming, so it's not hard, as all of you probably know, to grasp a new language and learn it. But the sintax does change, and C/C++ is being specially complicated. Maybe (ahem...I'm pretty sure about this) it's so hard 'cuz I'm trying to learn, at once, how to: program in C++, use SFML and game programming techniques. Don't know. But today, I found myself wondering "what if I go through all this hard work and end up with nothing?".   Anyways, thanks everyone for the input, it's been invaluable for the continuation of my studies.
  2. thyagobr

    Game Development Scene

    Czesc, sir. I'm also a beginner, brazilian, also decided to become a gamedev after getting my university graduation. And I'm setting up a blog. Showing your efforts, publishing them here, however paltry they might be, will get you feedback that might be crutial, like Drakonka mentioned, will give you friends to talk about this subject (not sure about your city over there, but 'round here I have absolutely no friends interested on this subject, not even strangers that I could get in personal contact with), and so forth. Like they say, one of the major pillars for building your dream path is forming a community around you, not only to help you technically but also to give you strength and courage when the unavoidable times of sadness and disbelief hit you in the face 
  3. Hi guys.   I'd like to pose a question for people who've been around for a while. I decided to guide my studies checking hiring requirements of gaming companies. When I didn't know whether to go with C++, Java, Unity or the HTML5 Stack (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript), I checked job offers and noticed the most promising ones were C++-related. So I'm going with C++.   The thing is: what do they mean with "C++"? Core? Is there something intrinsic to that sentence, like OpenGL, SDL, SFML (which seems to be built on top of OpenGL), ...? I'm currently studying SFML, but I have no idea if it's industry-accepted, so I just might be wasting my time. So, I ask: should I direct my studies to something specific, or all that is needed is core C++...?   Thanks everyone =]
  4. thyagobr

    Help me with claws [3D]

    Not sure if that helps you, but this guy has a pretty good video of how he does hands in Maya.  
  5. That's really little information you provided us there. So yeah, I agree with Navall, you have to start decreasing your value to make the ball come the opposite way, so  direction information would be very good not only for that, but also to make some calculation based on the angle the ball hit the border and to determine the angle at which it'll keep on moving.
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