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  1. hi Bollu can you explain some function in your link. i understand how it work but not sure about what I need to change. example I want to transition with time is 100ms. from x =0 to x =100. ?
  2. It seem not easy like I was think.
  3. thank for reply, but as I was presented . I was make all transition , rotation , scale. Each of it I can controll Time , radius and scale ratio , now I focus on How to sync all trasition and How to make something like a action Type , in each action Type have many of transition, rotation, scale of each part of Character object.   I think I need bester structure(architecture) . please advice
  4. Hi all. I started to write a class ( use lua ) obj with methods: rotation , transition, scale.   then I use this class to create all character's packge like head, arm,.....   now I have a character obj with each part of character have rotation, transition and scale method.   but my problem is:  1. how to one action sync with other ? example; rotation head sync with swing arm,..... 2. what is best way to wirte all action sequence for call when i need?