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    Hypothetical Problem

    Oh I know, I also know no matter how bad I can anticipate it will be, it will still be worse. Some parts have been built with eventual multi-player in mind, basically strong boundaries between user interaction and the actual responses.  But still, i know nightmare ensues. If it helps, assume we have an abundance of time. What I am looking to do is reduce the nightmare as much I can. 
  2. SineNomine

    Hypothetical Problem

    Both - standalone server but client that can host, however I think the current plan is too have client simply start up a local standalone server and interface with that even in single player.  Which also strikes me as bad idea, we already have performance problems.
  3. SineNomine

    Hypothetical Problem

    I hear and understand what you guys are saying, I know server and client have different views of an object.  But there will be similarities, if I was using the same language for both then the common variables and functions would be in a class that the specializations derive from.   I may  be over apprehensive over having little bits of code here and there written in different languages.  But it does seem very messy to me, especially if it can be easily avoided?
  4. SineNomine

    Hypothetical Problem

    I was more referring to how all the various different types of objects in the game are stored and connected to each other.  It is true that server, client and standalone will have different views of these objects, but they'll have great similarities.  For which i think using same code would be best. Maybe I am exaggerating the complexity of mixing C++, C# but you surely can't say that it would be simpler without such? - Most importantly, thank you for response.
  5. Ok so I have this purely hypothetical problem and I would like some professional opinions on it. Basically I, oh - of course I mean a friend of mine. Is part of group of independent developers who are working on a new game, it has been recently released and now they are wanting to make it multiplayer. This involves a great many changes, as majority of the program was not built with multiplayer in mind. The current medium is C++, with much in script files. The current plan is to start the server section in C# on reasoning of "It's really simple actually, rapid development while not sacrificing any speed/power". Now my friend thinks this is a terrible idea, simply because a lot of the code the server and client uses will be the same, or similar variations. Which means we will have some mixture of cross language interfaces, code rewriting and code duplication all of which should be avoided where not necessary. I have no issue C# as a language, if we were starting again its perfectly valid choice, but the fact is we have a lot already done, a majority of which only needs adapting not completely rewritten. So I come to gamedev to hopefully get some professional objective opinions. Thanks, P.s. I put this in "General programming", as it although pertains to a game, the problem is not specific to games. Feel free to move it. Edit: I must make clear that I know it could work, i don't dispute its perfectly possible, - its more why do that why? I think there is obvious hindrance and no actual benefit.
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