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  1. I have this old quiz game a friend of our group created back in 1997. It's not particularly advanced but does the job of making a fun quiz. It was good back than but now it's user interface is outdated.   I am creating a new game with new questions. However I want to keep the old questions. It's been a few months and I have been unable to reach him with the email address or through his webpage. I'm waiting for others of our group to try to contact him.   Is there anyone able to access the .dat file of the game so the questions can be to export to a text delimited file or some other format.   I tried to upload the games .dat file but I can't upload .dat files Here is a link to the file http://www.mediafire.com/?x63tz13dipws7ts   Original Website https://sites.google.com/site/noahhart/biblequiz
  2. How and in what program is the best place to prepare quiz game content questions. I few friends and acquaintances would like a quiz on a particular subject of our interest. We want to collaborate on developing 5000 questions on the subject and make it available to any game developer who wants to build a game around the content. How and in what program do multiple persons from across the globe put together in 5000 questions, whether multiple choice or other, that can be easily imported to any game of unknown platform? Our question isn't about programming the game but where to start storing the content that will make up the questions and answers for the game. Right now i was simply going to go with excel and upgrade the tab delimited export later. Column titles: Level,Age,Question,answer,reference1,reference2,source, If you have better ideas I would like to hear from you. Thanks Phil-T