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  1. Blue Karma point and click adventure

    Hi jbadams,   it is working fully up until the next scene then it gets very messy. I have made use of the flash timeline to organize the steps what I know is bad practice  But yeah I guess adding more interactivity would be useful. I do think a class diagram is beneficial because it gives me an overview of the parent, child hierarchy links between each class and what specific attributes and methods are needed.   You control using the keys and it follows a similar style to heavy rain I then decided because I am a great fan of Monkey Island and Broken Sword I would like to make it similar to add more puzzle based interaction. The gameplay seems to lack in substance without puzzles I think.   Thanks
  2. Blue Karma point and click adventure

    Hello I am building all the artwork for a potential game and I would like to see some examples of point and click class diagrams to give me an idea of what I could also include. Does anyone know of any links?   Here is a preview of my game, this is a preview game and will not be the final. I created it to see if I liked it. I now want to convert it into a point and click with an inventory among other things.