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  1. Starting a game

    I'm following Lazy Foo's tutorials and for the moment I have a little menu and some images and music. I've tried to do an animation before having the image moving, but it seems that wasn't a good idea (i'm stuck at that) so I'll do as you say: step by step. I'wont try to make the roof without having the walls Thanks!!!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a new user here but i've been reading you for a time. I know there are a lot of topics about this so sorry if I'm redundant.  I want to make a game, i've decided i'll be using C++ with SDL, it will be a 2D scroller and I have an idea of the story. So I want advices please!!! Thanks everyone!   Edit: I've just realized this should be in "For begginers", and I don't know how to delete or move the post, sorry.
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