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  1. Hi all.   Im wondering if its possible to provide different lighting and atmosphere to different part of a scene..   I want to make a scene where one place is a bright and sunny elf village and after moving down the road,you enter a dark and gloomy forest..Right now the sun in my scene seems to make everything sunny and cheerful including the forest..Is there any way to accomplish this ? Or is the only solution to load another scene for the forest ? Im just starting out with a month of experience in unity . Thank you
  2. Hey thanks a lot ! Your answer was spot on and solved the problem ! I was in this issue since yesterday and since I was learning unity, I was totally demotivated because of this.. thank you!    Increasing the "max mesh tree"  value from 50 to 500 solved the problem! I got a few questions regarding this :   1.Im wondering how much performance will this impact ? What would be a good value to keep this setting at ? 2. The problem seems to be because I am implementing grass as a game object( just because it looks more detailed )rather than grass texture thereby it takes up a lot of mesh. Is this the right approach or should grass always be implemented as texture ?    Thanks again! 
  3. Suddenly my unity models are behaving weird.. If I use terrain generator to place trees and I place too many other details nearby like grass,plants etc, the model of tree becomes blur and pixelate ..If i look at them in certain angle they appear ok but immediately on lowering the angle, they go back to blur..There seems to be a threshold ..Like if I place more than 20 assets nearby (grass,flowers,plants etc) , then it goes bad..else its fine.. If I drag and drop the prefab this problem doenst occur but I cant use that method for placing a lot... Help please. Check the image ive included.[attachment=14328:one.jpg]
  4. Hi ,  Ive been learning Unity for a week now and Im in the process of importing models from external sources.  Im not at all good at 3D modelling software like blender..I was wondering , is it actually possible to learn Unity 3d standalone and not learn 3d softwares or is its knowledge essential ? 
  5. HI. Im starting out unity 3d and I have some questions about textures and models .    1. I tried downloading models for some flowers. It had this .dds file and in one file i could see bits and pieces of the flower (leaves ,stem all seperate and not as a whole plant )  . How do I use this exactly to create the plant ?     2. To draw grass , are png files enough or should i look for some 3dsmax file or something ?   3.I want to draw like some good  looking grass with a waving animation so how to do this animation ?  Will it be one model file or is it like playing two model files in sequence to give animation ?    Also any links to usable grass/ tree models will be helpful . I know the sites to look for them but I couldnt use anything I found so anything which you know works on unity would be helpful for me to learn the file format and usage.
  6. hey guys I found this video of a jungle viewer using opengl here :   now im no where near implementing such a project but i was wondering how the foliage in the forest implemented? The guy says he used 3ds max. Is it like he creates entire model of the trees n things in 3ds max and just loads it in opengl ?  or is the foliage built using coordinates and texturing  ? Any idea about this would be helpful.   What if i wanted to implement a similar project..What things should i cover in opengl ? It maybe years before i can do it but i want to know the general topics involved.