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  1. Need some feedback and advice!

    Woops! Try this link!   http://youtu.be/vZ9vJ_nBci8   I think I copied and pasted it wrong!   Okay thanks very much for that!   I guess as much that would be the case hehe, well I'm planning on spending a good few months scraping together a portfolio of a variety of different games and doing sound replacement (much like the video posted here) the next few months. Ranging from cut scenes of games to actual gameplay in a lot of different styles (Action, RPG, puzzle solving ect.) and also using a wide range of styles of composition (orchestral to electronica ect).   And all the best of luck to you!    Jake
  2. Hey guys,   I would love some feedback on this sound replacement Scene from Half-Life 2 that I have done. All of the Sound and Music were created in FMOD and then internally recorded into Cubase to be synced up to the video. This is the first bit of work that I have done in FMOD.   http://youtu.be/vZ9vJ_nBci8         I was also hoping to get some advice on getting into freelance or permanent employment within the games industry as a sound designer/music composer (UK). I am currently studying music technology at university and have a passion for audio, music and of course video games!   Basically where do I start? I have a very broad range of skills in audio and composition and I would definitely like to start working (even for free!) with some developers to get a taste for the industry.   Where would I find the appropriate people to talk to? Should I be contacting major and independent games companies directly? Should I start lower down with some very small games developers and work for free?    I know this may be quite a common topic on this forum but I would really appreciate some advice!   All the best,   Jake