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  1. Alessio1989

    Jerking in D3D12HelloConstBuffers sample

    Is the debug layer enabled in the debug build? I encountered similar issues on my code too when the debug layer is enabled with 4th gen Intel Core iGPUs (and in very rare occasions also with AMD drivers), but they usually tend to disappear when the GPU loading increase with the scene complexity. Try to run the VS profiler and have a look for some constant heavy loading pattern on the graphs
  2. Alessio1989

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Games should be fun, not an interactive version of history channel. Just play and have fun, all these controversies are simply dumb.
  3. Alessio1989

    DirectX12 adds a Ray Tracing API

    Little OT: 10 years ago April Fool:
  4. Alessio1989

    D3DReflect unrsolved external symbol

    Try to link dxguid.lib.
  5. This. I just want add to not underestimate the CPU power-section of a motherboard (where the most of MOSFETs, capacitors and inductors lie). One of the predominant price factors between a good and a discount-market piece of silicon is the power section: even if you are not interested on a wide range internal or external device connectors, a decent power-section can make the different between a long-live machine and a piece of garbage you have to recycle in a couple of year. The same applies to the power supply unit: do not save those couple of bucks just to spend them in a pizza.
  6. You should be able to automatically remove water-marks re-executing the final rendering with a commercial edition of Maya or with the student edition (which I advise you to choose if you are eligible)..
  7. As far I remember Maya academic should be fine for non-commercial usage and if you do not care about watermarks on rendering..
  8. Alessio1989

    IDXGIFactory::MakeWindowAssociation has no effect

    Do you check the function return value?
  9. Alessio1989

    No blending, something missing?

    You can use visual studio to check DDS textures too.
  10. Alessio1989

    Trump and Russia (take 2)

    If you believe Russian news media, sure. I don't.     I do not believe both side..
  11. Alessio1989

    Trump and Russia (take 2)

    23 Tomahawks on 59? What good aim..
  12. Alessio1989

    C++ and the Universal Windows Platform

    You can use "pure" C++ (without MS C++/CX extension) with C++/WinRT library: Microsoft also published a start-template for DirectX 12 and C++/WinRT too:
  13. Just saw this in the Steam form of Lego Worlds, TTGames (they should be located in UK) is hiring: Hope this help.
  14. Alessio1989

    Support on Fermi

      Fermi is EOL  
  15.   The bit is already in the 14393 w10 sdk that was the anniversary update from last summer ! O_O My bad, I looked at MSDN (where that bit is missing) instead of d3d12 header xD
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