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  1. The Windows dependencies of the library exist mainly for DirectInput, DirectPlay, and some of the memory/file management portions of the code (which also have standard C/C++ versions). We made a choice to support one platform very well, rather than make the engine very generic, although it wouldn't take very long to change it to a cross-platform library. As for being compiler specific, it exports C++ symbols, and unless you go through a secondary library that wraps these, it becomes almost impossible to get it working on anything other than the native compiler. If there is enough interest, I'll make a cross platform version, but it was never really designed as such. Our choice to use OpenGL comes from the engine's beginnings - it was initially made for Borland C++ Builder, which had very shaky DirectX support.
  2. I'm one of the coders at Acheron Design, which recently re-released a (free) game called "Laboratory Mission X" (it was posted in the announcements forum here), and in the hope that it will provide some publicity, we're looking for people who want to code 2D games in OpenGL. What we're looking for are people who have any desire to code a 2D game, big or small, to help our engine evolve. We've successfully been using it for quite some time, and are hoping that additional developers will provide a level of feedback we had not previously received. The engine status is stable, but still in a state of flux, so the documentation is somewhat sketchy at best, but we're around to help almost all the time. We'd love to get some more users of the engine, as we feel it's very nice to code with, but it has almost no exposure. You can see a (somewhat outdated) list of features on this page. If anyone at all is interested, please contact us with the link on that page. Edit: This library is currently Windows only, and works with Visual Studio 2003 and Visual C++ Express 2005. [Edited by - Cirian on December 22, 2004 3:08:10 AM]
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