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  1. Literature, motivation, how-to-do-it-right on C#/XNA?

    You're right, my bad - I didn't make myself clear:   What I meant was using Monogame along with mono and monodevelop - thought that was worth a try.   But you got me interested in this whole VS2012 thing, I heard you can use XNA 4.0 with VS2012, but so far I've seen people recommending sticking to VS2010. What is your opinion? I know I can (go with VS2012) but the question is: should I?
  2. Literature, motivation, how-to-do-it-right on C#/XNA?

    Both of you got me convinced I should dump VC# and go Mono, I guess I'll have a look, maybe this is the thing for me. I heard about it before, but it seemed focused on developing to consoles/mobile devices, while I wanted to dev to PC. Still I'll check it out, I'm probably wrong. Will check out mono/monogame today and stick to it, maybe this will make a difference. Any online reference, documentation, books are welcome. I promise to check out those you posted so far.   Thank you mollekake, Inuyashakagome16!
  3. Hi there, first thing I wanna say is that I've been watching this forum for some time and I really liked how all of this is organized and how this community works. I hope someday it's me helping you, not the other way round.   To the point: I've been thinking about developing games for some time and I got a bit acquainted with C#, C++. I stopped coding in both, because I really felt like I was doing it horrribly wrong (though I made a few console games and even one game based on Forms). None of my work was any close to being satisfying so I quit, even though I was really, really excited about the whole XNA thing. I switch to high-level languages such as python and ruby. I really liked both of them for being accessible to everyone with many tutorials/guides/information-rich documentation.   Thing is: I'm kind of motivated to go all the way with C# with XNA, but I heard MS is dropping support for XNA (VC# 2012 doesn't support it), so is this still viable, or should I just leave it and go somewhere else? Is there any good literature about C# and XNA? Can something teach me how to code the right way so I wouldn't have any future problems thanks to bad habits?   I understand all of this could take days, weeks, months or even years in my case, but I want to try, even if it's learning it the hard way.
  4. Developing while still learning, takes some time, but Rails are great, so far there is placeholder and mailsystem running. #rails