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  1. Is it possible to create offline multiplayer Android games with Unity (played over bluetooth/ wi-fi)? If so, then I would like to create a 2 player game prototype, containing a single room (empty cube) with 2 cubes (3rd person controllers) - each controlled by one player. The cubes can be moved about as their owners (players) wish. Any movement made by any of the 2 players can be seen in realtime in the other player's display. How do I achieve this? P.S. I know some basics of Unity. I have already created a small hack & slash game in Unity (PC-standalone). I am new to Unity Android, though.  
  2. Help with Hack & Slash game in Unity3D

    Alright. Thank you. By the way, the last date of submission has been extended by 3 days to March 8.
  3. Help with Hack & Slash game in Unity3D

      I'll try to do so. The thing is that I don't know C#.   By the way, will you please suggest the ones from the list that would be useful (besides the ones on Enemy AI - #3 & #4) for my project?   Thank you. :-)
  4. Help with Hack & Slash game in Unity3D

      A friend told me today that the time might get extended to a fortnight. Nothing's final though.
  5. Hello. I need to make a Unity3D game for a competition in my college. Type of game is FPS. However hack & slash games are also allowed. I want it to be very basic. (This is the first time such a competition is being hosted in my college; so no high expectations). Perhaps a couple of rooms/ corridors. With a door mechanism in the middle. About 10 enemies. And, if possible, maybe a boss fight at the end in a 3rd room. That's all. VFX like sword trails will be a welcome addition, but not at all a must have requirement. Any guide/ tutorial on how to build such a game will be very much welcome. By the way, I have a basic knowledge of Unity3D. I also have access to 3D models (both self-made and free ones). I know nothing about AI as of this moment. I'm going to go through some AI scripts & tuts right after posting this. Please note that we need to use JS for the scripting part. And using scripts made by others I came across's "Unity - Hack & Slash Tutorial". But the entire stuff is way too big for me to study in a week. Also, I think that the game is very advanced and has features which I don't need to incorporate in mine right now. As I said before, I need to know how to create a very basic (and small) hack & slash game. And I don't just want to compile some existing project files, either. I want to learn as I make. And make as I learn. :-) Deadline - March 5, '13. Please help. Thanks and regards.