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  1. Hello there.  I kicked off a game project a few months back. I am using python currently and most likely C++ if i am unable to complete this the way i would like it and this is heavy on random scripted events and low on graphic demands. Being that i am wanting to be in full control i did not use a kit or a game engine. My question is....should i be doing that? I honestly have never looked into this and my partner is suggesting it may be helpful and wanted to look into it. I hate to ask such a open ended question but any input would be nice. I know there is a plethora of options out there for open source engines and game creation kits but are they really worth it compared to designing from the ground up?  I know it will be easier to use some of these kits but i don't want to sacrifice scripting for ease of use. My coding experience started over a decade ago when such things were not open source so I am far behind the times when starting this project. Thank you for reading.