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  1. Sold out! Meet LEGO's first professional girls http://t.co/Hv3EzIGZov
  2. "Go ahead and tell them! They'll never believe I ate your homework." http://t.co/6dA6g3qpHg
  3. It is good to have a completed project in your portfolio.  It says a lot about your overall understanding and ability to stick with something even in the tedious parts.   It can be hard to tell how much fun your own game is.  You really need "fresh eyeballs" and, when you find them, they can only be used once.  So it's a good idea to have the most appealing version of whatever you have ready to show at a moment's notice.  When there's a reasonably polite opportunity, let someone try it and watch very carefully what they do and how much they want to continue.  You can't always go by their words, because they will probably be trying to be nice to you, unless they're feeing competitive or jealous, in which case their words may not show how much they like it.
  4. New forum - Coding Horrors

    While helping with QA for Lotus Notes, I found my favorite all-time bug.  The symptom was that somehow application processing became gated by mouse interrupts.  So nothing would process at all unless you moved the mouse.  Better, the faster you moved the mouse the faster things got done!  Interrupt processing must have become entangled somehow, but it was really fun to demonstrate!
  5. .... // tCount keeps showing up negative here for some reason. it should never be negative tCount = sqrt(tCount*tCount); // Fixed!