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    Help Me.

    Thanks Prinz Eugn, it was a really helpful advice. sun and shadow i know that the concept artists is the one that makes the drawings. but in my previous topics everyone has told me that drawing is sometimes nececery even for 3d modeling. and that it is a great advantage,  and i want to make 3d art and animation. in both enviroment and characters. one of my favorite things to look at in games is the enviroment. i always judge a game alot from how the enviroment is made, and the graphics.  but since guild wars 2 i have been very interesting in characters. and i will practice with proportions and anatomy for the characters. but what is important for enviroments? to create enviroments. and should i try to be able to make advanced concept art aswell or shall i stick to 3d moddeling and simple drawings? my only goal is to get a job in the future within the game industry making characters animation and enviroments. i will do enything that it takes to accomplice this. but as it is now i dont know what i need to learn to be able to get the job i want. 
  2. ozzygames

    Help Me.

    also should i draw on the computer or on paper or both? by the way i got acces to a graphic tablet i think it is called. so i can use a pen on the computer. sorry for bad english
  3. ozzygames

    Help Me.

    Hello, if you have seen my other topics you have seen me wondering if drawing is important to know for a character artist. and it is. so i have started to try and learn how to draw, but now i have noticed that there is so many  different kinds of drawing, but i cant learn every kind of way in 1 year i think. and i want to be a character artist and maybe enviroment and animation also. but mostly character artist. i am not searching to become a concept artist. i want to make the 3d art in the game.  but my question is. what do i need for animation and what style of drawing do i need to focus mostly on to become this?. the reason why i need to be good at this in one year is cause in one year i get to choose what i want to study. and i will choose a game design school. and i think they think that the people that want to go to that school knows how to draw good. i want to be more able to focus my time on the 3d design in about a year, but i will do what it takes if it is impossible to do this in a year of course. please tell me what you are, i mean if you are a character artist or concept or a animator or a programer, cause before i have some answers from people with other profession like architect, and other artistic professions as well.  NOTE:  the main question is what style of drawing i need to learn. what style i should take most of my time for.
  4. ozzygames

    where to get started?

    Hello, i am 15 years old and the job i am dreaming of is to create characters in video games. and if i get enough time to learn also enviroment. and of course armor and weapons if that is included in the game. and in my last topic i asked about what programs and skill that was needed. i am pretty confused with the drawing skill, if that was needed or not. i dont have eny skills in drawing but i can train that up if it is needed of course. but my question is if someone with this job could tell me where i can start training.  shall i start with Zbrush or maya or photoshop or with something like blender or crytech? or maybe even drawing. as i know the one that makes concept art is the one that uses drawing skill. and scetching on a computer and the 3d artist is the one that makes the 3d model after that. please also tell me if you are working with this or a job that is simular to this. and also tell where to start and what to do next.example: start with training up zbrush cause ................... and then you should train with photoshop and maya cause ............. or something but intead of the dots the reason why i should start with that. THANKS ALOT FOR ENY HELP YOU COULD GIVE.         SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH. AS I SAID I AM ONLY 15 YEARS OLD. 
  5. ozzygames

    what do i need to know?

    ok, thanks again everyone, now i finnally know were to start.  before i came here everything was so unclear. so thanks alot. 
  6. ozzygames

    what do i need to know?

    thanks alot i will try all of thse softwares, by the way my other question do i need eny skills with drawing, cause at the moment i have no skill with painting, drawing and things, but if it is needed for my dream job i will work really hard to learn how to paint, but just want 2 know if i need before i dedicate hours of it. :) enyway thanks everyone that has helped.
  7. ozzygames

    what do i need to know?

    Sorry for bad English. I hope you still understand what I mean. Hello, after school and everything i want to have a job as a game developer of some sort. i have decided that i want to make the characters and the creatures in the games. and maybe also environment and weapons and things like that.   The thing is when I google the softwares the game developers use I only get Zbrush, maya, 3dmax, photoshop and things like that, but i dont know what program that is used today, and i dont want to spend eny money on a program that wont help me get a job, Also do i need any other skills then being able to do make 3d creatures with zbrush, like do i need to be able to paint good. cause i cant do so. if i have understood everything, it is like this: concept artists draw the the art and with help of that art the 3D modelers use zbrush. maya and photoshop to create the characters. i would like to hear from someone that do this for a living before i pay enything and start to practice something, it would be really enoying if i practice these softwares but i still need a skill like painting or something to get a job, i am willing to take alot of time of my spare time for this, and get all the softwares that is needed, if you want to help me more you could also tell me how people with this job does. like what software they use first and things,.    thanks for help and sorry again for bad english. 
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