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    Planing and just feedback on what to do

    Thank you for your help! Sorry for the late reply dam GCSE exams getting in my way. I lll start work on the High score and ill try to add more game modes! Thank you very much NewVoxel for your time and advice! Have a good week!
  2. Beatsforyou

    Planing and just feedback on what to do

    Hello sorry for the late reply I didn't get any notification. My biggest problem at this moment in time is actually planing what im going to do, I don't know if there is a planing template that I could use or something along them lines. My second issue is getting sounds and making everything myself, I made the basic textures however they are really really bad, mainly the sky-box! and getting feedback about the game, I've gotten some feedback from Twitter however that's one or two people who gave feedback about the camera. Is there any other websites i could us as well as this one? Also Thank you very much NewVoxel for replying!  
  3. Basic information about myself , i'm 16 years old and my aim is to make games for a living. I have a website and made my game so it works on HTML, http://www.morphstudios.co.uk/Game/Game.html . I need help with a number of things like making assets and planing! also would love to have some pointers on where to get feedback etc, Heads up the contact tab on my website doesn't work and also need help with that! Thank you!
  4. Beatsforyou

    help starting out

    Hey thanks for your help,the only language I know is HTML XD so not that much, so is Java a good way to start out? What websites/videos or books should I use? Once again thanks for everyone's help :D.
  5. Beatsforyou

    help starting out

    Hey I'm not sure were to post this but I really need help, I want to start makeing games but I'm not sure how to start or were. Can anyone help please thanks ~Beats
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