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    Multiplayer Respawn Times

    Thanks for the replies, I see now the game balance that respawn timers are implemented for.   Here's an idea, and I wonder if it's ever been implemented. Why not have the players activly doing something while they wait to respawn, this way waiting to respawn is still a disadvantage for the team, but it means that the player won't get impatient waiting to respawn. It's a bit vauge, and I supose that what kill cams and other visuals are for.   For example you could have an overhead map that you can call out enemies on or something like that. Something that contributes to the team, but not as much as if you were alive and on the field fighting.   It's been very illumanating, when you think about it there's no real difference between a respawn time, and a certian amout of time that it takes to run back into the battle.
  2. Ninja Dance Mat

    Multiplayer Respawn Times

    You make some good points there, and for general game design you're spot on.   However, I'm talking about a spefific type of multiplayer that ever AAA titile seems to have nowdays.   I'm not really talking about games in which you have a certian number of lives (or none at all as in permadeath), I talking about objective/kill based games where when you die you have to wait a certain amout of time before respawning.   Games like battlefield, assasins creed, medal of honor, team fortress, the list goes one, all penelize the player for dying this way.   You are right in that having to wait for a time if you die may place more enphisis on not getting killed, but doesn't it sacrifice gameplay enjoyment especialy for newer players who will be die far more that experienced better players?
  3. Ninja Dance Mat

    Multiplayer Respawn Times

    Games like super meat boy revel on the fact that in attempting to defeat a challenge you will fail over and over again. Part of why this game get away with it is by puting you instantly back into the action without any loading times, lessening the fustration.   In a multiplayer game the challenge is never ending, and defeat at the hands of the enemy happens often.   Why is it then that it is standard design to make players wait for a certian amout of time before they are able to respawn and get back into the action. The only multiplayer game that I know of that doesn't have respawn timers is the ever popular Call of Duty, and that might explain why it's so popular. The instant you die, press a button and your right back into the action again.   So, the question is, why do respawn timers exist in most multiplayer games, and don't they just fustrate the player?
  4. Ninja Dance Mat

    FPS Movie Based Game

    This video has been removed by the user.
  5. Ninja Dance Mat

    FPS Movie Based Game

      I agree, infact, this is why a film like alien would work so well, becouse it all takes place in one location.   Having a story unfold in different parts of the same building, space ship...etcetera would mean that the entire game would be the bottle neck. There's no possibility of you getting left behind by the game characters, becouse no matter where you wonder off to you will witness and iteract with a different part of the story unfolding in a different part of the location.
  6. Ninja Dance Mat

    FPS Movie Based Game

      I disagree, in that you seem to be inferring that a movie is the best way to tell a visual story as compared to a video game. I think that the reason most game's story seems terrible and bland is because usually it is worked around the game play, rather than the other way round.   You make a good point however, about the possibility of the player getting bored or not knowing what to do. A huge priority to get right in  a game like this would be to make sure that the player knew exactly what the immediate goal was, so that they were never left wondering what was going on. There's a reason we have quest markers and little arrows on mini maps, but I think that if you made everything clean enough to players, then they would know what they were trying to do in the game.   A way of doing this is to make directions to the characters more and more directed the longer they take to do something, so that if they can't find say a spanner to fix an engine within a certain time, one of the characters will point it out to them... extra. 
  7. Ninja Dance Mat

    FPS Movie Based Game

    I agree, that making this game say in third person  with multiple view points would help with the overall feel of a movie, and It would certainly make player dead a possibility (other than say at the very end of the game), but I was going for complete immersion in a story as a character, and a first person perspective makes you feel like you yourself are in the game.   it's definitely an interesting possibility, but multiple characters and third person would give you the sense of watching a movie as opposed to actually being in one. As you say, movies usually aren't from one characters perspective and are almost never from a first person perspective, but I'm not trying to recreate the concept of watching a movie much like heavy rain or the like, but rather the idea of you yourself being a character in a movie.       This is partly true, in that the game is quite hypothetical at the moment, but I am actually considering attempting a small scale version of my idea, so constructive feedback of any kind is always welcome.
  8. Ninja Dance Mat

    FPS Movie Based Game

    Okay, so here is my concept for a game that I am thinking about making, tell me if you it would be plausible to make if it would be fun to play, if there are other games like it, and any other thoughts you might have.   So, I was watching Alien the other day, and I was thinking as I watched it, what if this were a video game? Now I know that loads of Aliens games have been made in the past, but I wasn't really thinking about Alien in particular, but more about the concept of a video game that was basically a movie, but with you as a character in it.   This got me thinking about ways of implementing full immersion into a game, and I came up with a list of features needed to make my game.   The game would be first person.   The game would have absolutely no HUD, subtitles or anything on your screen. Not even "E to pick up" or anything like this. Escape key would maybe pause the game and bring up the menu, but apart from that there would be no indicator that this was actually a game.   Pacing would be a huge part of the game. The game might last around from two to three hours, with a recommendation that you play the game from start to finish. If the game was about an assassin you might only assassinate someone two or three times. If the game was based around say Aliens, the Aliens might only start attacking halfway through the game. This isn't to say that you wouldn't be doing other things during the rest of the game, just that the game would be paced like an old school movie. This would mean that when you do get into combat for the first time it has so much more meaning to the world that you are invested in.   You cannot die. One of the big ideas for this game is a completely fluid story that feels extremely real. Anything that happens in the game cannot be undone, there is no retry screen, you will never do the same thing twice in a row because you failed it the first time. That isn't to say that you wouldn't be able to fail at tasks given to you by the characters in the story, but rather the consequences for failing would be apparent in the story, as your friends end up dead, or the enemy is closer to achieving their goal.   The game will never wait for you to do something. If some one tells you to do something, you don't have all the time in the world to do it. The world that you are in with constantly progress whether you do anything or not. This means that if you don't preform a task, then the story will progress without you, for example, getting someone else to do it, or some one ends up dead because you weren't watching their back.   Player choice would be completely dynamic, instead of being presented with a obvious choice by the game, you could be given a choice by the characters. For example, the party you are with could split up, one going down into the sewers, and one up into a building. Depending on which group you follow in the game, you will be part of a different part of the story.   This idea of things going on whether or not you are observing them would make for good replay ability as well, as you could go with different characters, and engage in the story in different ways.   So guys, what do you think? I was thinking about Alien when I came up with the idea, but I think It could work with a lot of other types of movie/game.
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