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  1. Game developers showcase your games! Showcrate.com allows game developers to set up a virtual booth and have gamers vote on their favourite games. Run Devlogs, showcase your latest project and get the community active! Game developers get your game on the map and start a project at Showcrate.com     Game Developers will be able to create project pages and fill them with media to showcase their projects. Gamers and Game developers from all over the globe are able to up-vote and leave their feedback.     
  2. The world's first online gaming convention is coming soon! Sign up for an update when we launch! https://t.co/soZQRwb2L2 #gaming #gamedev
  3. Showcrate is a place where developers can showcase their games and gamers can discover the latest hit games, discuss them, and give their feedback. Gamers will be able to track the progress of their favorite developers and discover new games in genres they are interested in. While game developers will be able to feature their work and get valuable feedback and connect with their audience.   Get your game featured and in front of gamers when we launch! Simply Sign Up and get notified on our launch so that you can add your game!   http://showcrate.launchrock.com/   Coming Soon!
  4. Also you may see a 10 Second Destruction Flash game up on @Newgrounds or @kongregate with better gameplay and more stuff in general #gamedev
  5. If anyone would like me the review their game on my blog you can email me, more information here http://t.co/FxLE49tQ2D #gamedev #appdev
  6. New post Weekly Game Reviews! http://t.co/v0sKZl2UYa email me at integershift@outlook.com if you would like your game reviewed! #gamedev
  7. Hello Game Developers starting next week I will be reviewing your games and writing posts about them every Sunday. Scoring your games similar to the Ludumdare Rating system Your games will receive a score from myself using the ludumdare rating system and from other readers using polls. If you are the developer of a game and would like it reviewed send me an e-mail at integershift@outlook.com with the title Weekly Game Review – Your Games Name, Send me the link to play your game and a review key if needed also send me some Information such as your games name, your name and any of your social media profiles you would like displayed in the post. Reviews will be posted every sunday on http://integershiftdevelopment.com/  
  8. New blog post "Simple background scrolling Actionscript 3" http://t.co/3TkXneVPTk #gamedev #webdev
  9. New post "How to publish your flash game" http://t.co/OeItgDLFZ4 #gamedev #webdev
  10. So I just started a new blog which will be for some tutorials and game development updates i'm looking for some tips on writing blog posts if anyone knows any tips they would be much appreciated   Thanks,   PS: To check out the 2 posts I have written so far my blog is here http://integershiftdevelopment.com/ 
  11. PLAY THE GAME HERE -   integershift.tk We have just released a new game called Melon Chop 2014. Melon Chop is a Idle clicking game similar to cookie clicker since it was inspired by that game how ever we worked to try to add new features that you can see as you play. Here is a quick image of the game Old Picture Or Watch our game trailer Play the game at: http://integershift.tk/ Leave suggestions in the comments
  12. Indie Game Developer @Integershift
  13. I need some help with making an executable out of a python script I use pygame aswell. I have tried cx_freeze but get No module named re and I cant use py2exe because I am using python 3.3.2 If there are any other ways or anyone knows anything please reply I need help thanks.
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