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  1. And here is a version for windows:
  2. My new little game is remake of the good old Arcade Volleyball, but with "realistic" physics (Box2d) and multiple characters. iOS version is available here:   Game core is written in C++, cocos2dx, so windows version exists as well and will be available soon for download. Multiplayer is implemented as well (GameCenter in iOS, ENet in windows version).  
  3. The Last Mission remake iOS

      Hello,   I want to introduce an iOS game: it is an iOS version of a remake of a good old game made by Opera Soft in mid 80s. It has some changes in graphics, new music and sound, some gameplay fixes (actually, I had to make the game bit easier).   Here is the AppStore link:   It was originally designed for a keyboard, so playing on a touchscreen is a bit tricky, therefore iCade support was added.    The other interesting thing - this is an open source project, and it has ports for other devices (Dingoo, Pandora, etc.). The original remake game code is written by Dmitry Smagin, the complete game code is available here: I am the author of iOS port and the iOS portion of the game will also be available soon.