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  1. How do I handle platform games collision detection for jumping?


    I have a method that tells you if the player collides with a block tile but I don't know how to manage jumping.


    I know that if the player jumped up into a block, you just make the player fall down.


    And if the player jumps up and touches the side of the block, the player still jumps up but doesn't move into the block.

  2. Thanks!


    My server is slow and low on memory so I'm trying to limit the number of messages sent to one or two. Then I let the client side handle drawing the movement inbetween the start and the end. But thanks!


    Another question I have is: In a network game, does the client send it's state change to the server and the server adds it to a queue and the server loops through that queue and broadcasts it?

  3. When should I broadcast my own action?


    Do I broadcast on state change? Like if I start moving, I broadcast it. But do I also have to broadcast when I stop moving?


    Or do I just broadcast on a valid input like when I press a button and it's valid?

  4. I want to know how web servers work. Can I just write some server code and host it on something like Google App Engine and then write some client code and host it on github and then I can make a multiplayer online game? Can someone help me get started on nodejs or socket.io or stuff like that? Something simple like writing the server code for connecting and disconnecting and printing out a string and uploading the code to somewhere.

  5. Thanks guys for the responses!


    I keep thinking that making a game that only I will play is a waste but who knows?


    But I understand you guys saying I should just make any game.


    The reason I chose HTML was because it doesn't need a big IDE (it just needs notepad and an internet browser).


    Also, it's easy to upload a javascript game on something like github and let everyone play it through their own browsers without installing things.


    What are my choices? :)

  6. I've been playing around with html5 game engines like enchant.js and akihabara but at that time, I was just blindly developing.


    I keep stopping because I want to make a game that lots of people will play.


    In my opinion, I think every new game that comes out now is just a story line and graphics change.


    So should I just make a browser game with new story or just keep thinking until I find something innovative?


    By now, anything you think of will probably have been done already in a game :(

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