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  1. Hello Fellow Designers,   Recently Steam has released a really cool program that essentially helps designers put their idea on paper so to speak.  The name of the program is Articy Draft, and if you guys have not heard of this program, I suggest you all check it out.  But the moral of the story, is that this has inspired me to take on a game project so to speak.   But I want to design and fully create the game.  I have determined what engine I would like to use, and even the licensing cost to use that engine.  And it is with my experience with lower end programs like the starcraft 2 editor, that custom files can be imported in from sounds to models.  And well, in order to make this project come to fruition, I would need people that are more experienced than me in certain areas of production.  It would take me forever to learn concept art and 3d modeling, as well as sound engineering a music composition.  It just is too unrealistic for me to do it all on my own, especially considering all the time that would need to be taken and costs.   And I know I am going to need more computer hardware, and licensing with various programs.   And so what bums me out is that I have a good idea on how to make this game, but I just do not have the money to hire the team, buy the licensing of programs we are going to need to be using, and purchase needed computer hardware.   The only way I see past this, is to find a group of guys that fit those roles and are willing to put money into this project.   Do any of you guys know of any other ways to getting an idea like this to come to fruition?  Do any of you guys have any advice?  I have reserved a couple of books on game design from my library, so they may shed some light.  Sorry if my questions are very obvious, I just need some help putting everything together.   Thanks!