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  1. 2D Libs/OpenGL Question

    I was just wondering what would be the best library/set of libraries for 2D game development on Mac, or if it's best to just use OpenGL? I mean, I've hunted the net a lot lately, and all I've come up with is using SFML in conjunction with OpenGL, but SFML isn't exactly the easiest to install for library use.   Something compatible with Xcode 4 could be fantastic. I'd also be happy if someone could point to a OpenGL/GLUT/Something tutorial, aimed for Mac developers.   Thanks! :)
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew any good, recent OpenGL/GLUT C++ tutorials for 2D work, such as drawing text and sprites and etc... I've looked around a lot on Google and stuff, but I haven't found anything worthwhile so far.   Currently, I can making a window and draw a rectangle, but placing it specifically is still beyond me.   Any help?