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  1. Game Assets Sizing

    Okay thanks for your help that's made it a little more clearer to understand, you see i come from a engineering background i design engines and parts in 3D modeling software, and this project has just been a little hobby for me. I'm use to designing things with very accurate measurements and i didn't think the step from that to this would be so great.    So from what your saying am i right in understanding that the game engine (which ever i choose) will also have this unit to real world scale then also. If that's the case would it be best to find out that scaling first then apply it into the models that i'm going to create, does that make sense?
  2. Game Assets Sizing

    Hi everyone, i have a game all planned out and i want to first start work on the game assets, i have 3ds max and Maya to model with. The part i'm struggling with is how to make the objects/characters (assets) the correct size/dimension to one another and to the game world.    If anyone would be able to shed some light on how to do this it would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks.