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  1. Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong section or format, this is my first post. But I wanted to ask some questions about libgdx and using sprites versus stage and actors. At the moment I just have sprites rendered (world, player w/ animations, random items, and a non fuctional inventory gui that opens and closes when I tell it to.) I understand java for the most part, as well as basics of libgdx. But I am horrible with game concepts. I'm not really looking for code, but advice. Here are a few questions i'm wanting to asked:   "If I make an item, to be able to click on it, pick it up, glow when you hover over it, should I make that item an actor on a stage?"   "If I wanted to make my inventory functional (And any other GUI elements), should I make that a stage with slots as actors? Or should the inventory be an actor on a stage?"   "Should my player be an actor on a stage also?"   Thanks for any advice and answers to my questions. Everything will be appreciated.
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