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  1. Yes, I would be very interested! I appreciate any coding experience I can get!
  2. I've began learning Python and the reason I got into programming was because I wanted to create my own RPG, both text-based to 2D, and maybe in the future, many years down the future, a 3D game for the shelves.   For now, I've just been experimenting with text-based mini scripts that any begginer on Python could do.   I'm downloading both the Blender Game Engine and PyGames in an effort to begin on a simple game design.   My idea was to do somewhat of a recreation of the first version of Runescape (called Devious MUD) which looked something like this:   That in mind, I'm not trying to be overconfident or cocky in my VERY limited begginer knowledge in Python and programming in general (I have a little bit of knowledge in Java).   BUT....let's say that I were to begin on a small-scale project that takes on elements from Runescape (a medieval game set in Gielinor based on fighting monsters, training skills, and trading with other players), where would you recommend/what program would you recommend that I start out on?   Here are my current intentions for the game:   Single-player, no servers or multiplayer. Basic combat system A set of skills 2D Graphics and sounds Click and point move system   All of that being said, could anyone offer me advice or tips on where to begin?   Thank you.   P.S: Don't send me to a Unity 3D Game Engine or anything like that. I'm not ready for anything of that scale.