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  1. Yes.. Something very similar to this. But you see, in this video, when stars are very near to viewer, it looks like a small line.   By realistic, I meant 1. A star should have shininess from the time enters into viewing volume till it leaves viewing volume 2. Perspective Projection 3. actual feel of "Viewer" is travelling in the space.   So can anyone give me link some code.. as I stated earlier, I am able to imagine what I want to do.. but I'm not being able to map it into some code.   What I have tried tilln now is ==> applying stars images to cubemap. But it looks as if its an corners are present..
  2. I am pretty new to Graphics Programming. I am currently using OpenGL. I have got some hands-on in last few days. I have knowledge of Texture Mapping, Cubemap, Multitexturing. But somehow I am not able to bridge the gap between my understanding and actual coding What I am trying to do is create a demo of a stars coming out of screen. It should look realistic. Now, my questions are: 1. Is Cubemap capable of doing this? 2. Do I need to write particle engine for this?(Really, don't want to at this stage) 3. This is kinda most needed for me. May I See some code..? In some tutorial / just code would also do.. but i think if its similar to my requirement then only it will Help