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  1. Little more game mechanic help. :)

    can we see a screen shot by any chance i like to see them.
  2. Gemcode

    Gemcode Beta Testing I have just made a new game called Gemcode.Gemcode is an 8 bit styl platform shooter. i am looking for 50-100 beta testers the link and more info will be posted soon. the link is the game is still in development so it will have a lot of bugs. [rainbow]Sine up for my site at [/rainbow]   Download link ? [spoiler]Download link[/spoiler]   # of downloads ? [spoiler]# of game downloads 25= level 3 50= level 4 100= level 5 200= level 6 500= level 7[/spoiler] Controls are arow keys to move and spacebar to move post if you want to be one! Ó¿Ò