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  1. dilema about education abrod

    )) so still some qustions, is it ordinary cost of education in canada and usa? or there is some colledges or ways with chiper education? 
  2. dilema about education abrod

    Thank you both. Right now I got no portfolio at all, I just study from digital tutors)) so I dont know if I will have awesome portfolio after some years of practice and self education or not, but I think to be a great specialist in some field there must be some university degree especialy in our time. 
  3. Hi, I'm 20 and live in Russia. That year I will go to study graphic design here (in Russia). I want to work in game industry: technical artist, 3d modeling and other like that. I will study graphic design here because it is only thing here that I can afford for now. So I have some questions: 1)how does specialization called that related to 3d modelling(making characters,  landscapes, some basic programming, rigging etc.)? 2)the main problem is money. It is imposible for me to get such money, to get bachelor degree in Canada or USA(I want to study exactly there), every thing I saw is from 10 000 for semester and higher(only for tuting). SO question is: may be there is some cheaper oportunities? PS I need a full-time program 3) are there some post-graduate degrees, relatet to gameDev, that i can get with me graphic design bachelor? PS thank for reading that mess :)