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  1. Tumbleweeds - A creative challenge with rewards

    Title: Invasion of the Super Tumbleweed of Doom!         (And his sidekick, Player 2)   Scenario: This is a 2D two player game where player 1 controls a moving tumbleweed constantly moving through the American countryside, growing bigger the more sticks and stones it runs into. . Player 2 is a magical glove controlled by the mouse that can float anywhere on the screen.  Player 1 must use the magical tumbleweed to cause as much havoc as possible, at first by bumping into small animals like snakes and cats, then as time progresses, turning into a fireball and burning buildings or growing giant and crushing tanks. Player 1 might even get the ability to fly.   Enough destruction will cause the humans to begin attempting to attack the tumbleweed and reduce it in size until it disappears. it'll start with farmers and their shotguns, until the U.S army and their top secret battalion of robot cats give way to the awesome bureaucratic powers of the League of Zombie Lawyers and their nuclear paper launchers.    Player 2's magic glove on the other hand,  is completely invincible and is tasked with assisting the tumbleweed of doom on its quest for destruction. it has the ability to generate reflective forcefields by drawing on the screen, turn itself into several different elements to combine with the tumbleweed (Ex. Fire glove + tumbleweed = Fireball of death) at the cost of some of the Tumbleweed's health.     The game ends when Player 1 has been completely neutralized. Their score is a mix of the time the duo survived and how much destruction they've caused.