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  1. Lorenzo Musso

    UAT (University of Advancing Technology) Online Bachelor

    yes the tuition is expensive but I want to hear some comments from someone that knows the UAT university.
  2. Lorenzo Musso

    UAT (University of Advancing Technology) Online Bachelor

    There is a section here:   http://majors.uat.edu/Game-Programming/Pages/Online.aspx
  3. Hello all,   I'm an italian student and I'm looking for a online bachelor in game programming.  In italy there is nothing like a game programming bachelor degree.   I found the UAT bachelor degree and they offer the online courses.   Somebody knows that University and its courses?   Is it an accreditated University for game programming bachelor degree?   this is UAT web site:   http://www.uat.edu/   thanks and regards   lorepiece
  4. Lorenzo Musso

    Game development: list of books

    Ok guys, i'll start to take 4 books: one specific for C++ programming, one specific for game programming, one about algorithms and one about game engines architectures.   Regarding the online's bachelor degree I think that I'll ask a suggestion to my cousin that teach at California State University.   Thanks
  5. Lorenzo Musso

    Game development: list of books

    many thanks guys for all your answers.       yes my dream is to work for a software house like Ubisoft or Blizzard.   I know that bachelor degree is recommended but I would like to know if an online degree is the same that all others degrees in campus?   there are some manuals for SDL or camera positiong and movement interpolation?     Absolutely. If you already know c++ I don't think that book will help you much. If you want to improve you skills though, I'd recommend Effective C++ by Scott Meyers.    Also, you probably aren't going to find anything in those XNA books that you can't get for free online. There are so many tutorials and examples out there (http://www.riemers.net/)     ok Accelerated C++ and Effective C++ are not specific for game programming isn't it?   what about Artificial Intelligence for Games and Game Coding Complete? Could I take these after Effective C++?   Thanks
  6. Hi all,   I'm a software engineer in automation field and I'm new in this forum. My dream is always been to become a game developer but after the high school I started to work immediatly because I been hired from an automation company.   Now I regret not having gone to the university also if in my country there are no bachelor degrees for game development.   I'm considering the opportunity to register me to the bachelor degree in game development of Baker University Online. Online, cause I can't stop working at the moment.   Waiting my decision I want to start to study for my objective and I want to buy some books that I want to share them with you using this link to an Amazon's wish list:   http://www.amazon.it/registry/wishlist/2CJT2JLLULRL9   The questions that I would like you answer me are:   Can you give me an advise about Baker University Online?   Can you say me which of these books I should read before, and which books after?   I have a good knowledge of C++ and a basic knowledge of JAVA   Thanks for your time
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