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    Accelerated C++ chapter 3 help needed.

  2. Add this to your initialize method before base.initialize   this.IsMouseVisible = true;
  3. JordanOsborne

    What makes these games so successful?

    Sorry, but what do you mean by a "good platform game"?  One that work really well on a console, making it easy to play while being fun at the same time? It has very high quality game play, sound, ambiance, replay value, and scaling difficulty.  Not a lot of quality 2d platform games get developed in this day and age; this game was an absolute treat for someone like me.
  4. JordanOsborne

    How to write console and pc games ?

      How did they write the code for it?  They had a team of programmers who spent years building the engine, designing, and scripting.... If you want to be more specific you need to ask a specific question.  "how did they write the coding for it" is not really a question anyone can answer for you.  If you are wondering what language(s) they used... it's really not a good question to ask; you can program games in many languages.
  5. JordanOsborne

    What makes these games so successful?

    Super Meat Boy isn't an adventure game at all.  It is a down and dirty platform game that has increasing levels of difficulty.  The reason I believe it has done so well is because a good platform game is really hard to come by today and this game offers a challenge that most other games do not.
  6. JordanOsborne

    How to write console and pc games ?

    You cannot write games for Playstation unless you work for a professional studio that has access to the Playstation SDK.   You cannot write God of War.  God of War was created by a team of hundreds of professionals and took years to create.  God of War III is a game that cost over $40,000,000.00 to develop.     I don't intend to deflate your raft here but it's likely that you don't even have the fundamental skills required to complete a game at your age.  Stay in school and focus on mathematics and science based courses in high school; stride for good grades so that you can get into a good university study computer science or a related computer and information technology field.
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