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  1. I just updated topic.  There are a lot of new features since last update. There are new extenstions for oxygine: - oxygine-movie for playing Theora movies with alpha channel - oxygine-sound ogg sound/music player with streaming - oxygine-freetype library - oxygine-billing for in-app-purchases - oxygine-spine for playing Spine animations - oxygine-magicparticles for playing particles made with MagicParticles
  2. Hi, did you see Oxygine?    
  3. Do you know C++? If yes then try Oxygine framework.  In the basis of the engine there is a scene graph, that is similar to Flash one. To be short, You can call this as Flash for C++, but more comfortable and way faster. Initially it was developed for mobile platforms (iOS, Android), but can be also used for PC games.
  4. Try this one
  5. If you need 2D engine like Flash try
  6. Thank you :) Today I uploaded new update to engine - added big example-tutorial from 4 parts how to make game - added tga support - mac os x example - linux is working - reworked folders structure and other improvements
  7. Hi! a lot of new updates: - added Linux support - reworked atlas packing - reset/restore opengl resources - many minor improves   and new game released :)
  8. Hi! New huge update is available: - reworked android make files - reworked cmake files - fixed SDL Android build - fixed SDL iOS build - added filesystem - added zipped packs support - removed system folder from data - improved examples  
  9. you can do anything
  10. We did Jewel Quest 5 and Jewel Quest 6 on python. It was C++ engine with python bindings. Where 99% of game code was written on python. 
  12. try this 2d engine:
  13. Try Oxygine: It is open source Modern hardware accelerated 2D C++ framework for mobile and PC platforms. Features: OpenGLES 1/2, compressed textures, atlases, complex animations/tweens/sprites, scene graph, fonts, event handling, build tools, and others. Can be built on top of SDL2.0 or Marmalade SDK.
  14. Good News Everyone! MagicParticles has been integrated to Oxygine!