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  1. Thanks for all the responses and for not shooting me down, I realise this is probably a very common question.   After receiving some good advice, I'm going to return to the game design document that I started a while back and go from there.     Thanks for your reply buddy. I appreciate where you're coming from, however in my defence (and without trying to sound too clever) I have already seen a 'reasonably' successful software (non-game) product from design through to launch and I've been a full-time developer for over 15+ years, plus I've been an avid gamer for over 20 years. This thread is my attempt to seek clarification from those who are more experienced in this industry before I start to seek the skill-sets required. I don't believe there would be a huge benefit in me joining an existing team, unless there is a team of coders/artists out there without a game to develop. Please do correct me if I'm being naive here?    rpiller - Will send you a message 
  2. What I meant was that (from my limited knowledge) the term 'designer' means two different roles, the first being artist 'design' and the other being game/feature 'design'.   If you don't mean artwork, I guess that'd be my role as I have a clear idea of what I'm looking for in terms of features/game-play.
  3. I am serious about having a game developed and have produced (via outsourcing) software products that have sold well, however my passion/dream is games.   That said, I don't have the kind of money to get an office or hire full-time employees.
  4. Hi HyperV, thanks for your input.   When you say game designer, do you mean an artist who oversees the artistic direction of the entire game and provides the graphics or someone who makes design/feature decisions?
  5.   I think that's a great quote!   I'll work on the assumption then that I need to hire a developer first. Would you recommend looking on a site like oDesk or a gaming forum (such as this one or the Unity forums) and recruit there?   Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply Simon    I don't have any experience, but in my head I'd like to manage this from start to finish to gain that experience - I'm not sure what I'd gain from hiring a studio to do the work. I have many game ideas that I'd like to develop, but I want to start with something very simple just for the learning curve.   I'm guessing that this would be vector, but I'm not 100% sure - for example the spaceship I have in mind would have a neon trail behind it and I don't think this could be done via artwork?   Would the first stage be to recruit a developer and for them to tell me what they require?   Edit: I've already had a proof of concept developed, but the developer lost interest after a week 
  7. Hi,   I am looking to have a game developed and am willing to pay for services, however I'd appreciate some advice on what skill-sets I'd be looking to hire.   Let presume I want to create a:   - Generic 2D side-scrolling shooter in Unity 3D - Neon style graphics (like http://bit.ly/12degHs ) - Android/iOS   What kind of skills would I need to look for? Obviously I'd need a Unity programmer but would this art style (Neon) require a 2D artist or would it be a model? Would I need an animator or could this be done via code?   Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I guess you have to start somewhere.   Thanks in advance
  8. BudBrain

    Some advice please :)

    I've had the urge to get in to game development again but could really use some advice first so that I don't waste time.   I'm a C# .NET developer by trade, and have some experience using Valve's Hammer editor - that's about it!   Can anyone advise where I should go from here? Do I need to learn another language? Do I need to learn an engine - if so, which one?   Help!    Thanks 
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