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  1. Vehicle Simulator - project

    Hello,   I started a project which is called u.t.s.* Which means universal truck simulator.   But it should also be able to simulate other vehicle's.   I have some experience in programming  and modeling,but am not very skilled.   I dont have ambitions to code a selling game, this project is just on a amature basis.   I use the 3d gamestudio from Acknex, which use's a c like programming langueage. I dont know that much about game engine's, but when i needed decide which one to use i chose this one.  Maby at some point i run in to limitation's and have to switch to an other game engine, but for now it is what i stick too.     At the moment i am coding physics for a first vehicle, and try to decide how the code architecture is best suited for making the game/sim easy to mod and script. (i still have some confussion about what is possible with acknex in respect to scripting)   U.t.s is not going to be a game for selling, it's going to be more like an open sourge mod platform for vehicle fan's.   Here is the website homepage [w.i.p.] link:   I also setup a forum for developer's and content contributer's:     Any one who is a vehicle and specially industrial vehicle fan, can freely join and contribute. But if u decide to contribut please use the forum to see what's already done, so we dont model stuff twice..   Some verry beta stuff:   For question's, pm me. Iil be here on day bassis.   Greets, p.G.   B-roads projects.