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  1. Windows 7 is still very popular. Many people use it, and it is still very very active in gaming-support. Anything before 7 is dead and fruitless. Don't
  2. SondreDrakensson

    Would you enjoy this game?

    We will make some minor changes But you will still enjoy the insane and absurd tone
  3. SondreDrakensson

    Would you enjoy this game?

    Im sorta closing this thread, I'll get back with updates. We're gonna add some changes but you can read a bit about the game here http://prototypedsf.ukit.me/
  4. SondreDrakensson

    Would you enjoy this game?

    This gotta be the first positive reply to this concept, I have recieved......well I did get some good replies from like-minded people but.....you know
  5. I saw someone else post their Patreon here, and he was not punished for doing so. So Im taking the chance as well I have created a Patreon for my game OMEGAz to help me develop the game. The current budget is actually just my welfare, wich makes development tricky https://www.patreon.com/Drakensson I went indie in 2015 after working as a game-director in a local corporation for various specialists. My project there was cancelled so I left in the end. OMEGAz synopsis: You take the role as Kinsaku who infiltrates the headquarters of her city's security force named Proioxis, after they attacked her at home for not conforming to their rules. Proioxis is an army built up by delusional and hostile fanatics, who have been allowed by the government to oppress citizens by silencing offensive speech, and punishing those who live lifestyles considered "damaging" and counterproductive to their ideals. The politicians running the country, approve of this political correctness policing. Kinsaku was attacked because of her "sexual" clothing and for not promoting feminism. Features: You can control each bullet individually, or fire normally (selective fire mode) The game will have stealth segments A transgressive epic. A rebel of a game! Absurd surreal humor like in Rise of The Triad (2013) Large HQ anime sprites, no pixel or retro visuals Starring: SJWs, White Knights and YOU The game isnt meant to be a political message, just a crazy satirical and absurd experience. I am going to admit though, I do expect to recieve death-threats because of this game.
  6. SondreDrakensson

    Sharing ideas

    If i want to share pre-development intel so to speak, i only share the concept, setting, story of my game and keep the vital stuff like gameplay-design to myself until demos/betas are ready. So i can understand your nervosity   but in the end it is your call
  7. Mirror's Edge 1-2 (PEGI 16) Mass Effect 1 (rated 12 by BBFC) Call of Duty: Ghosts (PEGI 16)  
  8. I see it especially on Steam, the overload of RPG-Maker titles out there, still getting several reviews and positive reviews. The same with simple games with content and gameplay milked out several years ago. I think it is both reassuring and unpleasant as well. Reassuring because it makes me feel like there is a high chance of getting good reviews when i release my game, because people (appearantly) have very low demands today (though i realize this thought is very dangerous as it can develop into arrogance) Unpleasant because on the other hand it makes me wonder if the world is truly ready for something untraditional and (imo) original and exotic. What if they have become so used to cliches and simplistics that they cannot tolerate something fresh? To make it fair, im not declaring that my game in development is and will be superiour and will recieve well scores. I personaly, just attempt to be as original as i can, because that is my style, my taste, my interest. But still, these are the thoughts that sometimes hit me though. Have you sometimes felt this or something similaire? What is your thought on this?  
  9. SondreDrakensson

    How to get into professional Game Design?

    There are so many ways to the field. The road can be so curved and variated that i can only recommend you to read on the internet or in books or watch videos to get your answer. But im afraid the answer isnt going to be one and a simple one............wich i guess can be both reassuring and frightening to hear
  10. SondreDrakensson

    What do gamers prefer, graphics or gameplay

    I have never understood why people ask such questions. I just shake my head and usually place my hand over my eyes and sighs.........because it is subjective. And something like this is very much subjective. I know people who are very hooked on the visuals while others value both and others care fully about gameplay design and story etc. Im a gamer too and i prioritize gameplay before graphics. We are all so different and this is so subjective. One can of course say that the market has a certain "expectation" though.  But personaly i believe it will all work out as long as you officialy state your game's purpose and intention. If it is supposed to have low-end visuals because of stylistic reasons then say that :)
  11. SondreDrakensson

    How elaborate does your design document get?

    for my current project i don't actually have a design document because i thought it through and had the image clearly in my head all since 2012. All i have is that, and a partial screenplay and storyboard. The short duration of the game also helps i guess. I also have Asperger's Syndrome wich propably plays a role here but i don't know. Anyway.....i recommend you to make detailed documents anyway anytime, and especially when doing large project!
  12. SondreDrakensson

    Is my Game Ready For Greenlight

    the music in the video was inhuman
  13. I just wanted to share some information about our upcoming game. Since this game is all about its design, i wanted to share it here on the "Design" section of the forum. I have copy-pasted this from my presentation for a steam dev group, so that's why the text is marked in grey but i don't understand why but....ok. I sincerely hope to hear your tips and/or concerns as well as questions. I have been ignored much and then im stucked with only my own mindset. I believe a vision becomes solid when more people share opinions and not just one person. Im sure you understand that.    "In the year of 2020, virtual-reality has reached a new level. One high-school in Vancouver holds their yearly Virtual-Reality Game Championship (The VRGC) where competent students gets inserted in the digital world to compete against others in various activities"   Forbidden Gameplay 2D is a 2D science-fiction multi-genre game. It is a scroller shooter, visual novel, and our pioneer genre Tactical Point-and-Click. You will play as 19 year old Liz Dille who undergoes the training sessions guided by her handler, video game design student Evalena from Sweden. Because of the fact that the game is set in a VR world, the game's design compliments that very much. When the screen tells you to push the A-button, what do you do? You don't push the one on your controller! No, you control Liz's finger to push the U-button on her personal "control panel" on her arm. And like that the game continues on. When the player.....YOU outside the screen, needs something explained, the tutorial messages that pops up on the screen will all have the same headline: "External Tip to External Player". Compliments like that is what i mean, and so it goes on. The game will also contain elements already seen in existing games such as Infinite Running and Scroller Shooter and Visual Novel segments.   The idea for FGP2D came already in 2012, but was then first imagined as a normal AAA title in modern 3D, with epic visuals and for the Oculus Rift. As i grew impatient, as well as lacked the skills necessary to make a 3D game, i decided to transform the project to a format.....and in an engine i knew i could pull it off with. I realized that this transformation would take away some of its originality and make it more complicated, but maybe that's a good thing? I decided to tell myself that "you know most people are propably going to hate this, but it is necessary!". I was unhappy with the AAA games being mostly the same over and over again, so i saw it as something wich had to be done. My goal changed, my goal was not to make an epic game anymore, not even a good game. My goal was to make an untraditional game and a strong niche title. Together with my loyal and wonderful artist Francis Cole, we decided to go for it. I hope to break into Steam Greenlight when the right time comes. It is all up to the people to decide this game's fate and if my alreade planned sequels will be developed. You could say that we are currently 30% done with the game, we are finishing the most complicated stuff first, leaving the smooth dessert last, wich will take much less time hopefully.   I hope you enjoyed reading this and would like to share concerns, advice, questions or other things. A vision becomes solid when more people share opinions. This is my first project after 4 years of practicing with Game Maker Studio and design documenting. I was involved with a professional 2D project from December 2014 to May 2015 for a multimedia company, but the company cancelled it for various problems. Thus i am left with only this wich is my sparetime project.   REVEAL TRAILER:   IMAGES: [attachment=28245:fight01p09c.png][attachment=28247:fight01p07.png][attachment=28248:liz04.png]
  14. Gameplay update. mostly visual novel scenes  
  15. White or black background? Our game is set in a VR World and we want a minimalistic look. speak your mind   [attachment=28843:Runner_2015_08_22_23_39_06_624.png]    
  16. SondreDrakensson

    Game to showcase sound design skills

    an aggressive science-fiction game with alot of special effects, attacks and explosions......stuff that demands sound design and sfx   check out the music of Sonic Symphony for inspiration as well as Attila Ats - Shredder   Trailer music is perfect for finding sound effect driven music
  17. Didnt realize an article had been written about us http://vrfocus.com/archives/19077/forbidden-gameplay-2d-oculus-rift-support-cancelled-for-vr-themed-point-n-click-adventure/
  18. SondreDrakensson

    Learning Game Design... how?

    My advice is read about the career and practice its required skills
  19. SondreDrakensson

    Is Extra Credits reliable to learn Game Design?

    I started reading about the career roles and requirements, learning design documenting, screenwriting and simple engines like Game Maker. Worked out for me. Got 5 years of personal experience and 3 months in a company (project was cancelled). There are many dynamic and weird routes to the game field. If this one worked out for me it might for you as well. But find the way that works for you.
  20. SondreDrakensson

    Is Extra Credits reliable to learn Game Design?

    I recommend learning from various sources
  21. SondreDrakensson

    New take on Conversation in Video Games

    Cool. Reminds me somewhat of the dialogue system in Glass Rose
  22. Well, what about a prototype? You could perhaps put together something small--by no means the full game, nor even necessarily including all of the mechanics used in the full game--and thus perhaps get feedback on this control mechanism while you're still developing the game, and thus in a good position to make any changes that you feel called for based on said feedback. Im happy to tell you that the part we are working with now is planned for being a playable demo :)
  23. SondreDrakensson

    Is way too much player freedom bad?

    My statement would be that it is alright if it does not collide with the story. Example could be killing your teammate triggers an alternate storyline etc
  24. Hello Thaumaturge. I find it hard to describe this element in a different formulation other than that you controlling the character's finger to push the button on the control panel instead of just clicking on it. When/if the game comes out this will be shown for all to understand hopefully Of course it is a good thing to be precautious in the development stage. Since we are working after a screenplay and the game stages and elements has been figured out and made sure it could be pulled off long before development started after 4 years of learning the engine i like to say that hopefully, it will go quicker. Only one way to find out! ;) Thank you for asking
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