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  1. New developers diary available to read on IndieDB. This week, I talk about the enemies in the game, and what's been going on over the past week of development.   Hope you enjoy it. :)
  2. Hello everyone, My name's Oliver, and I've been working on a Top Down Shooter called Operation: Aftermath. Operation: Aftermath is a multiplayer-based shooter, with a variety of modes, such as co-operative survival, where you face against endless waves of enemies, this can be played by up to 4 players via Split-screen, as well as via a network, in the full release. Online highscores are available for the built-in Survival maps. There is also a Deathmatch mode and a CTF mode currently in the game, with support for up to 16 players, up to 4 humans via split-screen and up to 15 AI, depending on the amount of humans. These modes will also be playable via a network. Other modes such as Assault and King of the Hill are planned, and variants of all the modes will be available, such as Team Deathmatch. AI will be available in all competitive modes, both in split-screen and network mode, when I implement that. Operation: Aftermath has a built-in map editor, where you can create and save your own map designs, the same map editor which will be used for all maps included with the game. These maps are only a few hundred KB each, and can easily be shared with others. There are currently 7 weapons and 8 enemies in the game. Here's some screenshots, graphics aren't my strong point, I'm much better at programming. Screenshots: The game's lobby Test Deathmatch map with AI A slightly out-dated video of the level editor, bugs seen in this video are fixed: Level Editor Video The game is being developed solely by me. At the moment, I'm putting in roughly 4 hours a day into the game, and progress is going well so far, in the past week, I've added the CTF mode and implemented a basic lobby system. The plan is to release on Desura Alpha-funding, and then start work on the network features of the game. You can check out the games IndieDB page, where I post a news article weekly, outlining what I did on the game that week, you can also follow the games Twitter page, where I post updates in the middle of the week. Feel free to ask any questions.
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