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  1. Lex TheVillain O'Carroll

    What music do you listen to when you are in the zone?

    Electronica and lower-tempo house, but really quiet as I get distracted waaaay too easily.
  2. Lex TheVillain O'Carroll


  3. Lex TheVillain O'Carroll

    A good site for kids to work on games together and share them?

      This also. We actually played around with this in our first year of uni (despite it being made for much younger folk) and it was easy enough to make something relatively complex in little time. I'd definitely recommend it for children.
  4. Lex TheVillain O'Carroll

    What gamedev books you have in your bookcase?

    Head First Java (2nd) Beginning OpenGL Game Programming (2nd) Beginning C++ Through Game Programming (2nd) Accelerated C++ C++ from the Ground Up OpenGL SuperBible (4th + 5th) OpenGL Programming Guide (7th) The Essence of Programming Using C++ Interactive Computer Graphics Think Like A Programmer C++; A Beginner's Guide   Quite a few. Looking to get the new OpenGL Programming Guide and possibly the new SuperBible too when it comes out.
  5. Lex TheVillain O'Carroll

    An interesting article about the state of the gaming industry

      This. The article is interesting, but the comments give real substance to the issue. It seems to depend entirely on who you develop for, and who they take contracts from.
  6. Lex TheVillain O'Carroll

    PC gaming: what kind of controller do you use?

    Keyboard and mouse for almost everything, and a PS3 controller for others such as Fifa and when I use a PS1 emulator.
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