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  1. Just starting with my 3D game engine and i'm wandering what would the best IDE to use:   I have at the moment the following; - Visual studio 2012 (with added plugins) - Code-blocks   I'm just wandering is there something i'm missing that could be better, i personally prefer Visual studio at the moment.   So what i wan't to know any other possible IDE's i could use   Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for all the great feedback i will take it all into account and make something out of it
  3. thanks alot i will start looking intothat sort of stuff
  4. So i'm using directx sdk to start a 3D game project from scratch.   I'm using visual studio 2012 got the SDK setup and everything. So i have a few questions about pointing me forward in the right direction.   1. where could i find good teaching tutorials for this type of thing ? 2. How would i start the project off like code wise ?   Thanks alot for the help   James
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