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  1. Lysy

    Creating a game with Python

    I can recommend pySFML. It's  a binding of popular SFML C++ library.   For source code, you can lurk There're many projects, small and big, you will surely find some reference there.
  2. You can make a one element list, with the letter you want in there, and then append it with random stuff. Make sure wanted element is not there twice (if you don't want it there twice).
  3. Lysy

    What to do after the basics

    @ OP, yeah, that should be enough to have some fun with console (aka text-based) games. Good luck!
  4. Lysy

    What to do after the basics

    What do you mean by basics of C++? Does this book include object oriented programming topics, like classes, inheritance, encapsulation, virtual methods and such? I don't know if there is any book on SFML, but for sure you don't need any, web documentation and tutorials are good quality, and should be enough for anyone. It's important not to forget that with every new thing you read about, you should also use it in some simple code.
  5. Welcome to the forums!   I recommend you reading this two articles, they were helpful for me, hopefully they will be helpful for you as well :)
  6. Lysy

    What Language Should I Learn?

    I recommend Python, it's good looking and extremely easy to learn. You can use it for writing games, but also for many other things.
  7.     stop apologizing, just get your shit together, geez...
  8. I think you put this in wrong category.
  9. Lysy

    2D RPG in Python (Questions)

    Hello there,   if you go with Python, for graphics I'd recommend pySFML, it is a binding of SFML library for C++. It doesn't get attention it deserves, and I think it's really good tool.
  10.  Oh sorry, your first post was hard to understand. self.tilemap.update(dt / 1000., self) tilemap.update() takes 3 arguments, self(i.e tilemap), dt, and game. Second self indicates to 'game' instance, which tilemap is a member of. And since we're in scope of game class. we pass it as 'self'.
  11. Hello there.   Quick question: are you familiar with OOP?   'self.' is just a pythonic way of saying member of a class, or more like an instance of a class   Really quick comparison: class jedi { public: int force; double lightsaber; }; class jedi(object): def __init__(self): self.force = 0 self.lightsaber = 0 In both cases force and lightsaber are class members, each instance of jedi will have their own force and lightsaber.   edit: and python is designed that you need to pass 'self' (class instance) to its method among other arguments.
  12. Lysy

    Can you explain to me this code !

    1. The script works fine, deal with it. 2. Try using 'print' on every variable that you're not sure on what value it is. 3. Your posts will keep getting downvoted as long as they doesn't contain any useful information/doesn't improve the discussion, etc. In simple words: you're spamming.   I'm done. good luck with your learning.
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