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  1. Draycos

    No DLL local copy

    Cool, thanks for the info.  I think I just need to concrete my project directory layout, as nicely illustrated in your link.
  2. Draycos

    No DLL local copy

    I have created solution using Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express which has two EXE projects and a DLL project - a game, game editor and the shared code.  Since having switched to a more 'industry standard' directory structure I've been getting a "program can't start because xxx.dll is missing" error.  I've added all the dependancies and references, made sure 'Copy Local' is set to true, etc (the 'Reference Properties' even shows the correct full path of the dll), but there isn't a local copy of the dll in the project output directory when I compile the solution.  I can get around the error by manually copying the dll, but it would seem that Visual Studio should be doing this for me.  Can you suggest why Visual Studio might not be doing this, have I missed a setting somewhere?
  3. I have customised my Visual Studio (2010 express) project settings to separate project, source, temp, debug build, release build files, etc. in to appropriate sub-folders.  The application I have created, when run in either debug or release mode, creates a config file (CreateFile()), but rather than creating that file in the debug or release directory it is created along side the project (.sln, .vxproj) files.  It doesn't cause any problems other than separation of files that I'd like to ultimately ship together.  When running the executables independently the files are created in the correct folder, alongside the exe.  Can anyone advise me which project settings I need to adjust in order to get round this issue? Thanks.
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