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    New First Game need pointers

    Ok. Got so used to console application being automaticI didn't check for that. That's probably what it is.
  2. Zackery Hardin

    New First Game need pointers

    ok, thank you Paradigm Shifter. And may I ask if the name was inspired by FFXIII?     Edit: also, does anybody make heads or tails of this error? It comes up even on programs I know that should work:                 1>MSVCRTD.lib(crtexew.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _WinMain@16 referenced in function ___tmainCRTStartup 1>C:\Programming\Dung\Vector_Test\Debug\Vector_Test.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals ========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========
  3. Zackery Hardin

    New First Game need pointers

    Ok, so I'm just lacking experience with what I know (Still not very much so I don't have all the language learned but it's a smooth process) then. My frustrations should be toward myself and not the authors. This is what I get for taking the hardest way of learning a language but I didn't have a choice. I also noticed your comment on Loxagos_Snake's topic "Writing a text-based game in C++ and need tips!" and was wondering, as I haven't gotten to maps yet, is how useful are they for a Final Fantasy- style inventory (unlimited list of all applicable items in possession and the quantity of each item)? I know I could do a vector or go simple with a regular array, but I feel an inventory setup such as this would need a map for it or if there's a better way that I haven't mentioned, please let me know what it is. I'm still new to the C++ language, although my basic cin-cout usage has been honed so much that if that's all C++ was, I'd be an expert with it. However that isn't the case. I know I can make a good story-telling program If I wanted to, but I want so much more with it and with all those extra features, come so much extra language that I'm seriously running in circles. I decided to hold back on the code first until I finish my concept first (Which is nearly done). I know the combat system will have to be an extra cpp than my main one, and probably most of the others including the inventory. Out of all of those, the Inventory in concept at least, is fully completed. I just need to get the code in, but with what I'm looking for is what seems to be my issue there. Almost everything seems to make limited functionality and that just isn't workable here; at least for me.
  4. Zackery Hardin

    New First Game need pointers

    I'm a lecture/example type of learner. Ok,  to clarify, I started learning C++ through what ever books I could find at the local library or online tutorials. A lot of them were dry reads, you know detailing the code and showing the code itself. the only one I truly learned anything from on terms of games however was Beginning C++ through Game Programming third edition. Now that actually got me to understand game programming in general to an extent: the examples used in the book. I can clone the examples there no problem with even changing the details of everything. The problem is: the elements of the language that I've learned, I only know how to use in that exact way, limiting me to just repeating the same basic thing. I'm tired of it. I just need an explanation of what elements are used for what in any kind of game and I'm basically set. Unless you can suggest another source of learning.
  5. Zackery Hardin

    New First Game need pointers

    I'm sure some of you have seen my thread about the Frank Hunter ACW clone I guess you could call it, that I've been wanting to build for my first game. I have found it, while a good idea and as I was going about it slowly, a workable one. However, I have deemed it too ambitious for my level and have settled with a text-based RPG to start out as I'm more  capable with that (Already created basic input info, output story type text based stuff). Now, for this to work as I'm brand new to C++ , I'll need ideas for the basic coding elements needed (I.E. An array for this, class for that, etc. [FYI: I already know characters and enemies need a class, so don't list that please); I can work from there.   Now, I want a drawn out menu module for this game. A start menu for new game/ continue (Selectable only if applicable [ I believe an if function would be necessary for that one] options [Load screen for continue if applicable]), an in-game menu with multiple options in it such as an equip screen, item inventory screen, save option, etc. Yes, the menu module seems reminiscent of a Final Fantasy menu but that's where the idea came from. To me, that's the best menu module out there for any rpg whether text-based, 2d or 3d.   I'll also need a battle system and a leveling system for character progression. For those of you more experienced in that, as I have no clue what would control everything in that (I know I'll need separate files for these systems, but that's a given) Please fill me in on the basic c++ elements for this.   For story aspects, I'm not sure what exactly what I'll need, but I do need a text output of some sort for the story and character dialogue. Again, those experienced in this can point out the basic C++ elements needed for everything inside this (I think this may be a little beyond the basic  cin, cout I've been doing for my small projects).     Once I get the basic elements, I should be ok and be able to get the game done in good time to show my friends and family as that is the purpose of this (I don't think many people want to play text-based games since 2d and 3d graphics are out) project (Showing them how well I've progressed).   If I've missed anything that's crucial, please feel free to add it. This may be text-based, but story wise it should be about as big as a standard Final Fantasy game would be. I'm not a graphics person so that's the reason for the text-based requirement.
  6. Zackery Hardin

    Fun with Modern C++ and Smart Pointers

    I have the same question as Tispe. Also I viewed the vid and, to me at least, It seems to have a good setup for a story. I say continue the project.
  7. Did you even fully read my post? I didn't say C++ was the head start. I think some more reading is needed there.
  8. Zackery Hardin

    Just Beginner

    Hello Kokoko. Like you, I'm new with programming. Yes, shortcut software are good for use in the home scene, but if you really want to be serious about this, I would suggest learning an actual language. Some may say otherwise, but I'd personally go with C++ (Note: this is because I did and I tend to pick things up relatively fast so it may not be best for you). Also. I would look into APIs (also known as libraries or frameworks, etc). I'm still new to those and have to work with them more so I wouldn't know what to suggest there, although I will be working with Allegro when the time calls for it.  As for a fighting game, I'm assuming you mean something like Tekken, Soul Calibur or Street fighter. Here's where I'm going to put the stop sign up. That is an advanced genre. As a beginner, it'll will only be extremely difficult and cause you so many problems you'll just want to quit. Start slow to get your programming experience up. Work your way up the programming food-chain so to speak ( listing off steps here: 1.) Text-based; basic, I know but they can help you get a firm grip on the language. 2.) basic 2D game; by this, I mean something like Pong or Asteroids. 3.) A more sophisticated but still basic 2D game: Pacman or Tetris would be good examples here. This would be where you start using a good deal of graphic tech here and will definitely need something like Allegro although you can start using it with your first 2D game 4.) A bigger, more advanced 2D game: A good basic 2D strategy game would work for this step Look up games such as No Greater Glory or American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox for ideas there 5.) This is where you could start your main project: a 2D fighting game or a good 2D RPG if you want to learn more first. You should have enough knowledge to be able to successfully complete what you want to without getting mad and all kinds of frustrated and just give up.   Trust me, I'm a lot like you when it comes to wanting to make something big. My ideal first game I need step 4 for, but my main goal is to make an RPG that would fit step 5 or beyond (a.k.a going into 3D). I myself am staying around step 1 and making text-based after text-based moving from a simple get info from the player and laying out the complete story to adding things little by little and working my way up to a full text-based rpg, complete with combat, dialogue, etc.     One thing you should always keep in mind and I already know this from experience: Making games is hard work, even if the game seems as basic as a text-based RPG. However, the more you learn, the more it actually seems simple. Just pick a language, learn it, use it repeat it, expand your learning of the language, advance your game output, rinse, lather, repeat.
  9. Honestly, it may just before hobby now, but you never know if it'll grow into something more. I'd still say prep to learn or learn C++ for that "Just in case" chance for a language. This way, if it grows from being just a hobby to something you really want to do, you've already got a head start  with experience even if you use another language when it's just a hobby for you (Which will make it easier) when you do have to use C++. Just keep the others' suggestions in mind as well as this and if it does grow more than a hobby, you have everyone here to think because you were fully prepared. Me, I'm charging through with C++ as my first actual programming language ( I say "Actual" as I don't consider HTML as a programming language even though I have experience with it and know it is) and I'm learning it quite well, just have a few chinks to work out.
  10. Zackery Hardin

    Guidance needed

    Ok, I shall do that. To the IDE I go!
  11. Zackery Hardin

    Guidance needed

    Ok, I started an earlier topic about a game I was wanting to code up, some mentioned that the way I was going about it would work, but I ran into a hitch; all the resources I've used to learn C++ only used and explained the coding in the way they used and I get the general purpose of the language elements, but not the broader aspects of it which is hampering my learning of the language and therefore my ability to get my project off the ground. My project, for those unaware, is essentially a clone of a well thought out turn-based strategy game from the 90s on a static 2d map called American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox. I've got the basic concept of what I need and the basics of how to use elements of the C++ language, but what's getting me is my only knowledge is only the use in examples in books and tutorials that don't properly explain the broad usage of everything except how it applies in those examples. Is there any good books or tutorials that can fix that for me?
  12. @Camakeson I don't think it's impossible to learn at 12. If you really want to do this, then don't stop looking things up and just keep at learning regardless of how hard it seems to be. A decade ago it was relatively harder to get what you need than now as most software needed for the whole works that is freeware now used to be commercial only back then. Not to mention there's more sites like this dedicated to helping others learn than then as well. Trust me, I know. It was hard for me to find much back in '04. Best resources I had then were books which hardly explained stuff or did but in technical terms I never understood then. Take heed to anything Powly here has to say. I joined just the other day because I'm officially starting to delve into the world of programming and he has helped me out with some questions I have been saving for later when I get closer to my own personal project, but I dabbled with Blender back in '04 and even then it was an impressive piece of software. I'm not much of an artist myself, but if you know the 3d models for the Ace combat series I was able to create a simple gas tank (In a refinery, the big round holding tanks) from Ace Combat 4. Simple, I know, but quite impressive for the time as it was a more modern render at the time and I managed to get it done and my artistic skills are as extensive as stick people.   @powly k Blender depends on your system. My netbook that I'm on now (Which it what I'm using to practice my coding via visual C++ express 2010) can't even run Blender. A desktop we have (after fixing it back up due to a bad virus hit) will be able to run it no problem.
  13. Zackery Hardin

    First Game Help Ideas

    The tactical level will be stage 2 of the project. What I'm planning for right now is a strategic-level map with automated battle results via a dialog box message for now. Nothing too big, but the tactical level included will be stage 2, so those suggestions still help. Thanks and I'll make sure to note everything down.   Edit: Note, this project will have many stages, starting how I described and moving to RTS style. I know Those changes will result in major changes in the code, but it preps me for multiple styles of games for programming that I can get some early experience on multiple game genres.
  14. Zackery Hardin

    First Game Help Ideas

    @ Powly k Thanks. That actually answers my question of api on the gpwiki as I am assuming you're referring to the Allegro, SDL and SFML APIs. What I'm mainly looking for, however, is structuring code tips like "write this function for starting battle", "Write that function for moving units", etc. Just to get a feel for how the code can be written and can give me ideas for when I'm versed well enough in C++ to actually start my project up. Like I said, I'm not quite there yet. I do appreciate the pointers for allegro, sdl and sfml, don't think I'm blowing that off you suggesting either of those helps me down when I get closer. I'm still learning the language and that includes syntax for it at the moment. I don't want to learn the language only and write a section of code where it shouldn't be. I did that with HTML before and woah was I in a world of hurt on the project (Note that was a project for my vocational school, but it made my time on it miserable).
  15. Zackery Hardin

    First Game Help Ideas

    Hi, I'm new here and also new to programming. I've spent a couple weeks getting familiar with the basics of C++ to start planning what I would need for my own first game to use as personal learning experience. I am planning to create a game similar to Frank Hunter's American Civil War game called American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox. If anyone is familiar with the title, can you give me coding pointers for battle results, movement and the like? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Remember, I'm working with C++.   If you aren't familiar with the title, it is a civil war turn-based strategy game operated on a hex-map. The player issues orders to armies (Set up as an HQ), corps, or divisions as well as oceanic or riverine fleets. The player also can create units, assign the commanders, set up weapon supplies, recruitment levels, etc. This has been a favorite game of mine from a young age and was the initial inspiration to get started in programming, so I felt being able to create a similar yet different game would be an appropriate first for my experience build.   If anyone wants to help but needs to get familiar with the title, it is freeware so a google search of the title will bring up multiple results for downloading the title if you need to play it a little to get some coding ideas.   Note: I am not planning on starting the project soon; I know I need more work on the text-base program level before I move up but I am getting there, so planning is in order and thought I'd appeal for thoughts, pointers and maybe even some guidance.
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