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    [concept] Dungeon Fall

    Hello everyone, just telling you we're not dead, the game dev is going nicely and finally we're beginning to see some visual concepts for the game. Thanks to everyone who supported us so far now!
  2. alexwbc

    Twitter networking

    That's a good list so far now; I've added you all.
  3. alexwbc

    Twitter networking

    Just so you know: penguin, specifically Jackass Penguin do! (<-twitter link) anyway, how many Indie Twitter are around here? And how many would be interested in social networking? It happen I wasn't able to find a twitter thread around here, so I though to have one to share with each others. btw: mine is @JassPenguin
  4. alexwbc

    [concept] Dungeon Fall

    Great news people, we've managed to set up a dev team (we're named "Jackass Penguin" now) and our first project will be Dungeon Fall. You can find more on: Thanks everyone for all the inputs given... but we need more if want to do this game uniquely enjoyable! Please, share your though at our page on Steam Greenlight, IndieDB or Desura -----
  5. Please help support Stop CISPA, add a #Twibbon now! http://t.co/WkBdOuVFbD
  6. alexwbc

    Skull Helmet

    &amp;nbsp; Purely action game with some "strategic" addition within the level design. IE (the usual trick with the lever to hit) The way thought it was more like "your skills are in the level". Sort of thing you may have see in portal 2: your basic tool is one (the portl gun) meanwhile you can obtain some skill with the level design (the blue, red and white fluid used to paint the wall). I wasn't expected to explain this feature now, but since we're talking about it. In Skull Helmet your power is giver by the corpses of your enemies, here how it works You hit the enemy and (sometime, not always) the skull penetrate inside the corpses now the skull (inside the corpse) is blinking and Ethan is "locked up" with telekinesis (notice the blu enemy which is charging Ethan) The green enemy (fire drake) has fire power... and so with telekinesis power now Ethan is able to light up a fire wall the blue enemy (water or another kind of power like that) is now burned and, meanwhile the firewall is lite up we can still regain the skull... if we're enough fast to re-collect and throw again the skull in the firewall we get the ultimate fire power Several enemies "hide" special powers in their corpses. But no skill or power up is planned for Ethan: it's just between you and the hidden powers in every level. - boomerand; the skull will move in an arc when thrown I didn't think about this... maybe Ethan can someway alter the skull direction in middle air with telekinesis power: for a lob shot to bypass obstacles too? - push; the skull will push a creature it hits Not sure about this: Ethan has already push power when wearing the skull afterall - damage; the skull will damage enemies it hits Yeah, that's what you're supposed to to. Maybe you're referring to some sort of "resistance" (enemy needs more hits before get killed?) - two ways; the Ethan will jump the other way when throwing the skull I can think this useful for, maybe, a super jump (throw the skull in the ground at his feet... use reverse telekinesis on the skull at the same time to cast himself into air) - magnetic; the skull will move toward ethan when Ethan is close to it after it has been thrown(i know it s already in there in slightly different form, but in this form you d have to choose to either use this skill or another when throwing) The magnetic power I though should works more as sort of "invisible rope" between Ethan and the skull.. IE: He throw the skull into a hole above him then he use the telekinesis power to drag himself over him -explosion; the skull will damage all nearby enemies when it hits one Acid poisonus power, flame, electric thunder explosion and sort of stuff.. that's the powers within enemies corpses (yeah, it's supposed to be a dark toon videogame)
  7. alexwbc

    Skull Helmet

    Skull Helmet Intro: A young man open his eyes, he's now awake. It's rain, he can feel gentle drops tickles his face as he watch the sky. He hasn't memories from his past... just a basic conscious of being, and, existence of things around him. He's watching the sky laying inside a open coffin placed in a open grave. "There's still something missing" he thought, he lowered his gaze: his crossed hands on his chest is holding something. Rationale: We control our hero (Ethan) in a 3D world but from a fixed view from above. Ethan wander in a closed field surrounded by enemies; his only weapon is a skull which (usually) he wears as helmet. The skull is magic, but it's power works only when it's cast in air so Ethan can't use it to cudgel while holding it. Each time the skull is thrown need to be re-collected from the ground: only one ammo, no inventory. The level is completed when all enemies are killed and so our hero can access to the next one. video ----------------------------- Gameplay and mechanics Ethan stances Ethan, the character under player control, has different three behaviours depending on how and if he's holding or wearing the skull (see control section to see how player switch between stances). He can wear the skull over his head [wearing.skull], holding in his bare hands [holding.skull] or he doesn't have the skull at all [no.skull]. When player is in [wearing.skull] he can strike with his head: headbutt is effectively to push away enemies, but it's not lethal nor cause further damage. Ethan can run while is [wearing.skull] but not when he's [holding.skull] video When holding the skull in his hands Ethan is ready to throw it (if he's still wearing over his head he need to remove and switch to [holding.skull] first) but in order to do so, he need to walk sideway; during so he moves dangerously slowly. After thrown the Skull, obviously, Ethan is left unarmed [no.skull] and need to recollect as soon possible from the ground. Throw and regaining the skull The only way to destroy Ethan enemies it's hitting throwing the skull at them. The skull itself it's magic: when it's not touching anything (animated or not) it's devastation power increase: more time time it stand in air, more powerful it becomes. So, naturally, the more far is the enemy you're aiming for... the more devastating will be the shoot (and thus, hit closer enemy does less damage). Since the skull is the only ammo Ethan has, every time he need to recollect it from the ground. In order to simplify this process Ethan has Telekinesis power which bound only between Ethan and the Skull. video There's no distance limit for Ethan's telekinesis power, but more far it's the skull... the more slow it's the recollecting speed. -------------------------------- Controls Default key configuration it's the common WASD keys + mouse. With WASD player can move the hero in the eight direction while mouse it's used to place the target cursor Ethan always run when is [wearing.skull] and has [no.skull] and always sidewalk slowly while [holding.skull]. Mouse Mouse control the target cursor used for the direction of the skull throw meanwhile the distance between Ethan and the cursor has no effect. The use of Left Button (LB) depend on which stance Ethan is: [wearing.skull] - Gives headbutt [holding.skull] - Throw the skull [no.skull] - Use telekinesis (see: Throw and regaining the skull) Middle Mouse button is used to switch between holding or wearing the skull ([wearing.skull] and [holding.skull]). Right mouse button it's currently unused evaluating if which kind of impact would have in the gameplay between have it as "Action Button" or "Jumps" (for jumps can be used [SPACE] anyway) -------------------------------- There's still some undisclosed features about the gameplay here, this because I don't want to focus too much on a single project until I don't actually find some help (see the actual thread). Once other developer will join me for an agreed project: I will totally fix my interest in that single one (and, thus, adapt it to the dev team skills). So, for those who may be interested my email andress is: alessandro?gmx.ca ...or contact me on this forum and/or on the official one
  8. [crimi/mastrangeli]+[televisione]: Propongo il boicottaggio di Rai/Mediaset/la7. libertà (@YouTube http://t.co/tB3oGVYB0z)
  9. Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube: http://t.co/CXJqNrQXaN Skull Helmet ~ game concept
  10. Skull Helmet ~ sidewalk animation loop: http://t.co/JdJYYk7G2j tramite @YouTube
  11. alexwbc

    [concept] Dungeon Fall

    Not yet: I've lot of projects in mind and would like to establish a such important things like coding work when an actual programmer would join me. I've found that animations really helps me a lot to get a clear idea without having to stuck with old/unused source code. Also I am additionally working on various project (in hope to propose the right project that "charm" future developer to join me) and animations helps really a lot on define multiple ideas from scratch and, yet, very detailed on mechanics. One example: I am currently designing a VG based upon Super Dodgeball arcade. The hero is a guy who wear a skull as helmet: The skull itself it's his only weapon since he throws his skull/helmet to enemies for kill them (that's the scratch thread: once ready I will post it here!) Now, as feature I planned that you have only one helmet in the whole game (basically it's your talking companion like Baldur's Gate... except the skull only talk in the mind of the protagonist). To define the way the hero can grab his ball-skull-helmet again I planned him with telekinesis power (otherwise would be too frustrating wander around the level every time) which work this way: youtube video (geez, gues my answer should be a bit shorter ^^") Someone already pointed me the same issue, I've put this difficult feature genuine thinking it was about just taking a string value and put it into code. The main reason I've opted for tilting was due to the lack of "physical reference" you may have when playing with a touch device (virtual button and such). Considered the difficult a programmer may find then I've though to an alternative: Basically in the given example the "border of the screen" it's the physical reference when the player need to run (I think about 70~80% of Android tablet/smartphone have tactile difference between screen display and frame) This is just a possible option where player can still use touch swipe to hit with Rosame's daggers... or just put other two virtual buttons on borders if the player want her to swing danger nevertheless left or right (without having to face either way) The video was fast because I had problem with the number of frames may be too many (slow video for few frame == laggy), but yes. The ceiling descent is supposed to be more slower: additionally if you're enough faster to descent down below (almost out of the screen)you get even some time bonus and the camera give you full view below but the ceiling falls is paused. In this way the player can I planned a story for this game quick version: Rosame find different cities undergrounds // each city is contain shops and plot // between each city there's a batch of 5~6 levels // once a city is "reached"/conquered you can travel between them with special underground elevators (and you can repeat previous level to collect missed treasures) // during the game you can unlock extra stuff. Or (optionally without a in game story): levels are randomly generated... it's all about survival (like mostly casual game out there)
  12. Skull Helmet ~ telekinesis on skull: http://t.co/df2MQexzq4 tramite @YouTube
  13. Dungeon Fall ~ stuff: Run animation loop: http://t.co/uebDAYMr2a tramite @YouTube
  14. alexwbc

    [concept] Dungeon Fall

    Ok, recently I've worked a bit up on this idea... I've also made a forum to help categorise things up (here: http://forto.altervista.org ). If someone like this idea and feels like to join up with me as dev team I am more than gladly to! Anyway, here's what done about Dungeon Fall so far now. Intro Rosame wasn't the kind of adventurer, nor she would have ever though one day she would pick other people's properties without asking them first: but you know, it's said that when famine hits the whole kingdom, most heals from starving are unlawful. Rosame wasn't never ever confident with her own inner or outer beauty: that's why she'd become a thief; but she also got her own way to make things clean. In lands ravaged by famine what possible rich being she could pickpocket? Her first though were about the dead ones: descend into the depths of the catacombs it seemed a smart choice for her. The poor Rosame. Rationale We control Rosame at her descent on what she think is a catacomb; as soon she enter the dungeon the ceiling fall down... but she manage to survive jumping down in a hole. Once she get on the lower room the ground above her crumble under the weight of the ceiling. Another hole in the ground is her new exist... and so go on until she doesn't reach a special hall (end level) where's she safe from the collapse... but still trapped in the dungeon. So, her only way to escape is yet again to descent to the next underground level... which mean she will run again and again for each Hall until she's able to find a definitive way out of the dungeon. The game is a 2D sidescroller (descending from top to below). It's all about falling down since Rosame can't climb up... nor can stand still too much time on a single platform (the ceilings are falling like dominoes). Gameplay and mechanics video Core structure The camera view descent slowly but constantly; if our heroine Rosame is caught between the ceiling (which is the top of the camera view) and the floor she dies instantly; in order to survive she need to fall through hole to hole on the collapsing grounds, and so go on until she don't reach a safe place (a special room coated in stone/metal) which is the end of the current level (see "development plan" for level-world structure). Rosame's stats There are three attributes that will take effect during the gameplay: Speed (SPD), Attack (ATK), Defence (DEF) and Health/HitPoints (HP). HP: there's nothing special about this, HP works the usual way: [enemy inflict damage to Rosame == HP down], [Rosame collect/use potion (see powerup item section) == HP up] SPD: the speed in which Rosame moves trigger three different modes ([Idle],[Walks],[Run]: see "Controls section" for more detail ) and four speeds: [idle] = stand still, [walks] == move slow OR normal (same animation, different speeds), [run] == move fast. Ultimately [walk] and [run] modes ATK and DEF (the [walk] and [idle] modes act same but one stand still while other actually moves). animation Stats alteration when [idle]/[walk]: this is the defensive mode, ATK is lower but DEF is increased. Also attacks with quick stabs. animation Stats alteration when [run]: bersek mode, ATK is increased but DEF is nearly non-existent. Since running, attacks take up much more space and so need a good timing or else you'll crash on enemy (vulnerable area) Controls video Player movement are done though smartphone/tablet screen rotation, currently screen inclination control the mode in which Rosame runs, walks or stand still (you're not supposed to stand still that longer). When Rosame reach an hole, she fall down below: no action is required by the player. If we assume that the player is holding the handheld laying it on the conjunction between finger and wrists (metacarpals) while index finger is holding up (ref) then player may have both thumbs free (try yourself, you'll see it's not that hard keep this position). With both thumbs free player can still assume extra control: from the simple tap, to swipe and even pinch to zoom effect (thumbs may have limited movement from the border anyway). Since tilting the handheld it's already a bit of challenge we go for the most easy way: player can use it's thumbs on two simple virtual buttons on the bottom Controls through device tilting In order to control both walking directions the player uses screen tilting, also we take advantage of the analog feature for improve gameplay experience: the more the screen is tilted, the more Rosame will run fast. In the given example, let's assume that the tilting value is +100 and 0 (where 0 is "flat device") for tilting left and between -1 ~ -100 is for tilting right. Where: +100 and +80: Heroine runs left at her max speed possible, animation is "running" and so [run] her walking mode. +79 and +40: Heroine walks left steady and (moderately) fast, her animation is "walks" and so [walk] her mode. +39 and +10: heroine walks slowly left, animation is still "walking" and so her mode [walk] +9 and 0 (also 0 and -9): heroine stand still, animation is "standing" but you can force her to face left direction (for hit in that direction). The same apply for -1 and -9 value... so player can switch which direction to face without need to actually moving. Negative value have the same attribute, but speculative (right) direction. ----------------- Ok, that's all so far now! There's some little extra stuff on the official thread and on my youtube channel. But you don't need to get there: I am watching this thread.
  15. At this point the only way they can do to have something managed is through polls and other voting system rather a plain discussion with developer. I guess it's sort of interaction you can have with Getsatisfaction platform .
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