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  1. I'm new to 3D and unsure of where to start.

    Thanks again! Do you have any suggestions for books? I would like one for modeling as well, unless those don't exist.
  2. I'm new to 3D and unsure of where to start.

    Thank you very much for the fast response. I will be very busy attempting to learn C#/Unity3D and how to model. Never tried modeling before, hope it's not too difficult lol. Thanks again!
  3. Hello everybody, I just happened across these forums a little bit ago and started reading some threads, but haven't really found anything that answers my biggest question.   Where do I start? And by where do I start, I really mean, what language/frontend should I pick up to start learning. I know that in the long run I will most likely be utilizing multiple languages, but which one is a great learning tool that I will be able to use while learning it and see some results (even if just small development outside of games.) I've seen a lot of people say it's really up to preference, but as I don't have any real history with 3D programming, I don't have a preference. The most I've dabbled into game development was Game Maker, and a couple of 2D online engines for making ORPG's. I've also messed around with Visual Studio a bit, but nothing spectacular.    Long story short, I'm a complete noob who just wants to start reading and learning a language. Can somebody point me in the right direction?   P.S. I couldn't find a search button, so I apologize if this kind of thing gets posted all the time. Also, as for an eventual goal (talking probably years down the road) I want to create a 3D Platformer similar to Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy (there are tons of other games, but I figured that one is popular enough that people would understand the concept.)