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    Need advice for portfolio

    Given that Frob mentioned that Wix isn't all that viewer friendly and doing some additional research about website builders, I think I'll take down my portfolio for now. Luckily, I'm still within my 14 day money back period with Wix. As for the portfolio itself, it'll exist, but I'm still gathering and locating as many of my old documents, pictures, and other materials as possible to update and redo my project pages.
  2. ThatGuyOverThere

    Need advice for portfolio

      I'm not much of an artist, and my programming skills aren't so great (I'd say average) but definitely better than my art skills. The languages I know are C and C#.   Edit: ISDCaptain01, I'd rather describe what I want to do rather than use labels, but since labeling is a much quicker way for people to look at you, I went with it.   Edit 2: I made some edits, but more will be incoming in the next few days.
  3. ThatGuyOverThere

    Need advice for portfolio

      What I want to do is take the art assets that the artists made and place them in the game through an editor, designate encounters (if there's combat), and script out commands or events that are supposed to trigger when a state or flag is active.   I suppose I want to work as a level designer. This has me puzzled, do I also show a video run through in addition to annotated images? Do I use assets I made or assets already made by others in modding editors?    As for Wix, I tried using wordpress and it was a nightmare. Do you have any particular recommendations or can you point me to other sites that are better than Wix?
  4. ThatGuyOverThere

    Need advice for portfolio

      It's ok if you're harsh, I need to develop a thick skin if I want to work in the videogame industry. As for the pitiful projects and internship games, that's all that I have at the moment. Since graduating 10 months ago, I couldn't find a job (any job) anywhere and can't move elsewhere without funding. That being said, I'm thinking of going back to school in the fall and thus, asked for advice on what I can do to improve upon it.   If there's more advice and critiques from other people, I'd love to hear more of it.
  5. ThatGuyOverThere

    Need advice for portfolio

    Could you guys give my portfolio a look and give me some advice on what I could do to improve upon it? The site is: http://www.ray-ngames.com/
  6. ThatGuyOverThere

    Are there good c++ programming books for beginners?

    Well, I want to start learning more general video game programming such as movement, raycasting, input detection, collision detection, etc. I know I'll need to cover the basics so I'll start right away, thanks!
  7. I know the term "good" is subjective, so I figure I'll define it a bit: Good = clear, easy to read and understand with meticulous and detailed examples.   I've been wanting to learn to program in c++ for a while but I don't know where to start. I figured reading a few books and writing programs in c++ will help but I don't know what books are helpful to beginners of c++. I've had basic understanding of c, java, and c# from classes, but c++ isn't taught at my college.   If anyone was wondering, I do know about variables, functions, methods, object instantiation, loops (not so much as a game loop but I think I can pick up on it quick). Superclasses and subclasses still confuse me a bit but I'm hoping to work on it more over summer (in addition to my motion-capture internship).  So are there any books that can teach me to program in C++ for video games?
  8. ThatGuyOverThere

    Are we allowed to post portfolios for critiquing?

    Frob, I thank you for the critical advice and examples. I did note that the last link you have there isn't working (at least for me), do you have another link? Also, what do you guys think about a slideshow? A friend of mine who is far more skilled than I am keeps on recommending that I add a slideshow at the homepage.
  9. ThatGuyOverThere

    Are we allowed to post portfolios for critiquing?

    Ok, here is what I have so far: http://ray-ng.wix.com/raymondng   I would appreciate any sort of advice and critiques. I realize that one of the game pages doesn't take you anywhere, but that is because I'm still in the midst of working on this with my team.
  10. I'm close to graduating and I just finished making a portfolio containing the best school projects that I've worked on. Is it ok to post the link here so that people could critique it?
  11. Hello, this is the first time I'm posting on these forums and I was hoping to get some advice here. I'm close to graduating college soon and I have a  somewhat clear idea of where I'd like to end up though I have no clue how to reach the place where I'd like to be...   I've been studying as a game design student for 4 years now and I slowly figured out that I like to tweak numbers, test them out, tweak numbers again, and then test them out again. In short, anything that needs balancing/tuning seem to be something that I want to do.   I also found out I like to make levels and adding the smaller details to levels E.G: When making small dungeons in the Elder Scrolls creation kit, I tend to focus on the small details of a room to make it look lived in if there was a story to the dungeon.   Being so close to graduation, I know my chances of getting hired are near zero in a triple A environment, yet at the same time, being in a financial crisis where your parents are also depending on you to make some money to help them out (as soon as you graduate) puts a lot of unneeded pressure to "get that job." I know I should probably pick up a book on programming in C++ or C# (despite being a painfully slow and easily frustrated programmer), but I'm just, well, I guess you can say I'm befuddled.   Aside from trying to get hired, my other course of action is considering graduate school though responses from them are outright rejection.   I have no idea what to do next, can any of you experienced guys (gender neutral context) give me advice on what's a good next step?   
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